1968 Hand Held Device

While this 1968 handheld device may not have a maps app on it, the design is slick and for the right person must have been a very useful tool to have.


Front Side

img1 img2 img3

Back Side

img4 img5

Inside Front


Inside Back

img7I’ve always loved these types of computing devices the color wheel is another simple example of this kind of device.  I imagine designing my own would be a rather fun activity, perhaps I could make one that lets teaches people how to be more polite or a device that shows you how to quickly calculate distances and heights perhaps a device that shows you what foods go together well for meals.

Play Pause Movie Theater

Play Pause Movie Theater

Going to the movie theater costs more now than ever before. Shouldn’t you be able to see every second of the movie you pay for?

The solution is to have the theater set up more like home  and simply providing each member of the audience the ability to pause the movie when needed, this would allow audience members not to miss a second of their favorite films. With a theater like this even those with the smallest of bladders won’t be afraid to go out to the movies any more.

Each seat in this revolutionary theater would be equipped with some simple controls that would allow the viewer to pause the movie when they might need to.

When a viewer needs to go to the bathroom for instance, they would simply hit the pause button on their armrest then proceed to the bathroom. When they return to their seat, by pushing the “resume” or “play” button, the movie will continue right where it had left off.

In order for the movie to play, every seat must be in “Play” mode. This give everyone an opportunity to freely go about important business that may otherwise disrupt the movie.

For epically long movies like the Hobbit this type of theater is a must.

Nature calling will no longer be an issue for such long movies, hitting the pause button will give you what ever amount of time you might need to carry out your business.

If you are hungry and need some healthy snacks from the concession booth, pause the movie, get some snacks and return to continue the movie right where you left.

I know at home it’s nice to pause the movie to fact check things pertaining to the movie, so now you will have time to do such tasks.

With a theater like this it really puts the audience in control. When you pay top dollar for a movie experience you shouldn’t have to miss the movie just because you have a tiny bladder or have important phone calls coming in.

You are probably wondering what might happen if the movie is paused and you are part of the audience who doesn’t need to go to the bathroom or get a snack or whatever…

Well, in addition to pausing the movie the remaining audience members in the theater would be shown a variety of consumer opportunities until the movie resumed again. It’s really win win.


Online Shopping…

Great news! You can now help MoHDI pay rent and bills by shopping for it’s products online! We are excited to share with the soft launch of our new online shop. Check it out here www.mohdi.com/shop.

In addition to selling Stag Bike shirts and decals, we will also have artwork and prints up for sale and a few other wonderful MoHDI products. One of my favorite items now is this concrete skull that is only $45 if you pick up in person!

Check out the shop today!

Presentation from Open Engagement

As part of an open session at Open Engagement, I gave a very short and somewhat rough presentation about ideas. Something I’m very passionate about and I’ve always wanted to present on the subject. While I didn’t have a formal presentation totally together, I had several good ideas about how and what I was going to present on. I decided it would be best to go over a lot of things very quickly as opposed to a lot of presentations where they focus on one particular point, my plan was to present several points and loosely tie them together under an general concept.

I had planned a 30 minute presentation that was to move very quickly. Part of the open sessions flaws was scheduling sessions one directly after another with no time cushion. When the previous presentation went over, it was no big deal, I had to simply adjust a little. I started my presentation on ideas at 2:10PM.

The funny thing was this girl Teresa Flores who I believe was visiting from LA or something. She had a 2:30PM presentation and I think she sat through my painfully drab session only to enforce her time laws and rules upon me. So at the end of the video you will hear her time sirens in her head going off. Teresa Flores, then asks me to wrap up by plugging my gallery, as if I was giving a sales pitch about my gallery for 20 minutes, I guess she was too busy throwing her session together during my session to pay attention to anything presented to her. People amaze me sometimes. So for the presentation, I had borrowed Kayla’s laptop after the presentation Teresa had the nerve to ask “where did that laptop go?”, Kayla was there and said that she had put it away.
“I was going to use that.” Teresa said….

uh, so you cut my presentation short in order to commandeer the laptop I used?? Super funny, I guess it was nice mode day for Kayla and I cause Kayla allowed her to use the computer and I actually stayed to see what was so important that this person would be so rude… Teresa then started her presentation to an audience of me and 2 people who had come to see me. ugh, I guess people can be so incredibly rude that they become a fascinating study in tactlessness.

Other than the strange social study of Teresa Flores, I did learn a lot about presenting.

I think with a lot of work and a bit more time to put into it, this presentation could be pretty spectacular and I’m going to start searching for places to continue to develop and share this. I think future versions of the presentation will have more a few more examples of how the audience can take the ideas from the presentation and make it more applicable to them in whatever they may do.

Without further ado, the presentation on ideas I gave at Open Engagement.

click here to see on youtube

MoHDI Presentation

I will be giving a presentation about ideas on Sunday 5/20/2012 from 2:00pm-2:30pm at the Littman Gallery at Smith Memorial Union at Portland State University.

The presentation is part of Open Engagement, a conference about art and social practice.

I hope you all can make it out for this presentation.

Have you ever been to a talk or a lecture where you sat for 2 hours and got one or two things out of it? You feel pretty good when that happens, right? Well, I’m going to try to assemble a talk that hopefully you will walk away with over 70 awesome things, all in 30 minutes! The plan is to have an action packed awesome condensed presentation that will astound, amuse and entertain you.

If I don’t totally bomb, I will be showing the video of the presentation online after it’s been processed.

First Thursday: Kayla Newell and Hayden Taatjes

Please join us at MoHDI May 3rd 2012 for First Thursday.

Artists Kayla Newell and Hayden Taatjes have unique and complimentary styles of work, both artists have been working together for some time to develop a wonderful visual feast that should not be missed!

Please join us for the opening 7pm-10pm First Thursday, May 3rd.

The show will be available for viewing throughout the month of May.

Wristband Print Press

After meeting with David Butts from Mad Dog Garage. I was inspired to develop something with working gears, my initial idea was to build a wristband fidget device. Since wristband watches seem to be more of an accessory items, I figured a device on the wrist doesn’t really need to tell time. A wristband watch is kind of a stylish way to stay connected to the past really.

While rethinking the purpose of a wristband device, I thought it might be interesting to have a small printing press that would print out something simple like a small strip of paper with your name and phone number on it. Business cards are also not totally necessary anymore so anyone who has them must be important. With this printing press you will be able to quadrupally impress someone by having your own business card, wristband watch type device, your own printing press and the simple fact that you can demonstrate you know how to be stylish and practical.

The simple device would be fed a piece of paper where it would then be trimmed and printed on with a few turns of a wheel.

Printing presses are quite impressive.

It will be a lot of work but with this idea, I’m going to try to make some prototypes and perhaps get a kickstarter going for it in order make this idea more of a reality.

Happy Easter!

It’s nice to feel like you have won something, and while there may not be anyone to give you a free puppy, free gasoline for a year, $1,000,000, free back massage or one of many other fabulous prizes for finding a slip of paper in an Easter egg. You never know perhaps someone will honor your Easter egg coupon and maybe those two baby kittens you’ve always wanted will become a reality.

Have a happy Easter! If you happen to discover a fantastic egg around town today, you should try to hold on to that feeling of winning as long as you can.