Mr.Tree Face and Mr.Bush Face

Big Mr. Tree Face

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Mr.Tree Face and Mr.Bush Face are products for people who want to decorate trees and bushes in their community. It is the ultimate in nature enhancment products. Both Mr.Tree Face and Mr. Bush Face products will come in a wide variety of face parts, accessories and sizes. The female version of the product will have pink bows, big eyelashed eyes, ear rings and other girly stuff, this version will be called “Mr.Tree and Mr.Bush Face for Girls”. We will even make animal face parts for animal lovers. Of course all of the separate parts will be interchangable. Each face part can be attached to trees and bushes in a variety of ways depending on the piece of nature you plan on enhancing.

Mr.Bush Face

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The product helps humanize plants and nature in a way we can all relate to. Horticulturists from all over the World will love this product. Perhaps we will try to get kits sold through the National Arbor Day Foundation or other such tree friendly groups.
This is a must have product for people who love trees and bushes.

Google Ads?

We added the ads to our little side bar. The google ads are a trial for now. Since we want to learn more about how google ads work and we also would like to have Millions of streams of incomes, this seems like a good idea. If we decide that the google ads take away from the site more than adding to the site, they will be removed.

Stamp Marketing

Match  Book with MoHDI stamp

For about $10 we bought a couple of self inking stamps online. The stamps are rather small but are a quick and easy way to share the MoHDI link with people. Khris and I have talked about going to free public concerts or events and hand stamping people as they come in. We might even try to swap the hand stamp at the Roller Derby or other events with MoHDI stamps, this concept of marketing is pretty cool, each person would then be an inked advertisment. Despite the small size of the self inking stamp it sure comes in handy. I have stamped many of match books at my local hangouts. Stamping is fun, marketing is fun, so if you want to have lots of fun, I suggest trying stamp marketing.

Securi-Pee Wins…

Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

Unfortunatally we were disqualified at the last minute for not fitting with the theme of the contest so we will recieve no prize.

To our Readers, GoToAndPlay Flash List, design list, the FlashLite list, the Chattyfig lists I’m on, the small business groups, Suicide Girls groups, the SG chat room, NewsToday NTT, the various agencies in town who have been cheering for me, CFF and other ballers, myspace friends, people with CoNads, family, friends, and the various individuals who helps us win this contest thank you!
(I’ll put links in later but I should get some sleep)

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Here was the voting page for the contest.

the end results

and our contest post

They can change the rules at any time… and they did. Oh well MoHDI is out an iPod. Gawker Media just lost MoHDI as a possible advertiser. I’m certainly disappointed.

Fun Product Challenge!

Here’s how this works.

Write a comment about this image. Fill in the blanks of the following statement.

This character is selling me ( the type of product ) and the name of the product is ( the product name ).
Feel free to include any other statement you might have about this character.

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Awesome Birthday Card!

My Mom sent me this Birthday Cardbirthday card. It is a pretty good summary of my thoughts. I love the robot with the wavy arms, it looks like he just saw a naked girl run by. I believe my Mom is the red head in the middle of my head just below the TV set, the drawing indicates that the cartoon version of my mom is asking “What ARE you thinking?” and “When are you going to visit?” The likeness of my cartoon character is outstanding… the mustache is drawn right where the mustache on my face is! For some reason my Mom wrote my atm card password above my shoulder.
I’ll let you all interpret the rest of birthday card on your own.
The money included with the card was not shown but will be mentioned… I won’t mention the amount but I will say that ramen and pretzels won’t be on the menu at my house for the next couple of days!

Thank you Mom, that is an Awesome Birthday Card! My thanks and love goes to the Winston house household too.

The Otter Pop Bandolier

Here’s another idea that came out of the Forums. Drew suggested an Otter Pop Belt that could keep the treats cold, which I thought was a great idea since I love Otter Pops, but I thought the belt might get a little too chilly. The bandolier would ideally be lined with some sort of warm material, like wool, that would keep your chest warm. You could be the life of the barbecue, just like the guy pictured above.

Famous Sock Puppets in History

So last week in the Forums, I proposed that perhaps we should have a sock puppet gallery. Saites then proposed that there should be sock puppets of famous people. So I sat down and thought for a while about it, and drew out these guys. Coming up with good historical sock puppets is a lot harder than I thought, because the people in question need to be kind of iconic. That’s why you’re not looking at sock puppets of Sigmund Freud, Martin Luther King Jr., or Isaac Newton right now. How much do you think someone would pay for an Abraham Lincoln sock puppet?