The Butter Pusher

the Butter Pusher
This device is operates much like a tube of lipstick, a glue stick or chapstick. Simply insert a stick of butter into the butter chamber. Turn the butter adjustment knob to engage a simple gearing mechanism that will extrude the desired amount of butter needed. Then spread your butter easily on your favorite food items. Between eating buttery dishes, place the cap on the tube for maximum butter freshness.

Portable Butter Pushers could be sold for the traveling butter enthusiast. Swappable rings could force butter out in a variety of tasty shapes, operating much like a PlayDoh factory.

Already the Butter Pusher is estimated to generate way more than a hundred dollars every year. In order to keep within MoHDI guidelines we will have to come up with a retardant slogan for this product…

“The Butter Pusher, it pushes butter”.

We will have to work on the slogan.

Self-Drunk Test Flashcards

I came up with this idea while I was alone at the bar, trying to decide whether I needed another beer or not. I was thinking that it would probably be a good idea if you could somehow gauge your own inebriation using a standardized method, because of course you never think you’re as drunk as you actually are. Anyway, here’s the idea: you have a deck of fifty-two cards, with a photo of a lady printed on the face of them. These ladies range from being moderately attractive to very ugly. You pull one of the cards, look at the woman on the card, and decide if you think that she is attractive or not – basically, you rate her on a scale of “One to Ten”. Then you flip over the card, and see what it says. The reverse side of the card has a number in a scale of its own printed on it, essentially in inverse proportion to your own “One to Ten” scale. Thus, the moderately good-looking lady would be a “one”, and the horribly-disfigured lady would be a “ten”. It operates on the basis of beer goggles: the drunker you are, the lower your threshold of standards of beauty becomes, so when you’re looking at a card and you’re like,”That is one fiiiiine lookin’ lady! I wish she was sittin’ on this here barstool right next to me!” and then you flip it over and it reads “Nine”, you’ll be all like “Woah, I’m nine out of ten drunk! I should get the hell on out of here!” There’ll be a series that depicts dudes as well, for those people that prefer dudes over ladies.

I foresee this product as also being very useful for bartenders: “Hey, buddy, what do you think of her?” [Bartender flips a card down.] “Sheee’sh a beaut!” [Bartender flips card over, revealing the high number.] “I’m sorry my friend, but you’re cut-off.”

I’ve got to admit that this product is somewhat controversial, since it relies on the assumption of a standardized concept of beauty. That’s a problem for the Marketing Department, not R & D.

The Securi-Pee

This is an idea for men that Drew’s friend Jon came up with. Sometimes, you’re in a public restroom, and there’s no partition between the urinals. This can be a little disconcerting if you’re standing next to someone with a bit of a wandering eye. The Securi-pee aims to provide a little comfort and reduce “performance anxiety” while using these open stalls. Essentially, it’s a couple of telescoping antennas with little curtains on them that fasten onto your belt. The curtains can be made from different materials for style or economy: vinyl provides a shower curtain-like splash guard, while red velvet gives an air of elegance (although they are admittedly less sanitary). The curtains could also be printed on, perhaps with advertisements, or with slogans such as “What do you think you’re looking at?!” They’ll be available in “Small” and “Large”, or maybe “Large” and “Larger” after marketing gets done with it.

Single Dad With a Mustache!

As far as marketing myself I think this craigslist posting is one the women will respond to, I can also add “marketing genius” on my resume now too.

Thank you craigslist, you sure help us “big business” people reach out to find that right person so much easier.

I’m slightly embarrassed to say this is my second personal I’ve posted, the first one got zero response. I think by posting a picture I might actually get feedback from someone I wouldn’t mind going out with. I’m still nervous though. Maybe it will send some more traffic to MoHDI and I’ll meet my dream woman out of this. Or maybe all my friends will see this an poke fun at me… what do I got to lose… I’m a single dad with a mustache!

MoHDI Forum Added!

See that navigation thing over there>>>>>> Well if you click the MoHDI forum link it will take you to the forum.

Oh thank you Vanilla! What a great piece of free software. read more about it here.

I hope that this forum will help us and everyone following the MoHDI business model to use, share and contribute to the ever growing collection of Hundred Dollar Ideas. So check it out, sign up and soon you will be on your way to hundreds of dollars too.

Why fast food joints don’t sell t-shirts…

I was at Safeway the other day and saw a little girl wearing a McDonalds t-shirt, it said “I’m Loving It!” on the shirt with a McDonalds logo. Now when I say little girl, I should say young girl because there was nothing little about her. THe realization struck me all of a sudden… Fast food t-shirts are very rare.

Consider McDonalds probably spends about a billion dollars* on marketing each year this site for more info.

Now I think t-shirts are great! They keep you cool, they make you look cool and you can promote your favorite band or business on them. They are a great way to advertise as well promote good customer appreciation. So you would think that McDonalds would spend maybe 1% of advertising dollars on tshirts to give away or something. Granted they do have some stuff for sale at some McDonalds clothing site. So as I was saying 1% of 1 Billion is roughly 10,000,000 so if McDonalds got shirts made localy at say Diesel Fuel Prints they could get 1000 4 color screen printed shirts made for about $3.50 a shirt. So for $10,000,000 McDonalds could make about 2,857,143 white t-shirts. That would be enough shirts for over half of Oregonians. Yay!

All I’m saying is that fast food joints don’t make enough t-shirts for people. I really wouldn’t wear a McDonalds t-shirt anyhow, but if it was free maybe someone would wear it.

*I made this number up