If you could buy Bitcoin at $100 knowing what you know now, would you? This isn’t quite the same thing but still fun to think about.

Tuesday’s @ 5 PM PST I host an introduction to NBATopshot.

Join if you…

  • Want to learn about new technology. 
  • Are interested in making some decent side money.
  • Wonder what NFTs are and wonder where they will take us. 
  • Want to get your questions answered about NBATopshot.

An unopened pack of 3 NBA Topshot cards that cost $9 sells easily worth three times that. Digital scarcity is wild and if you are open to putting in the slightest bit of effort, you can make a little money with this. Also, it’s a lot of fun.

I seriously feel like a Nigerian prince trying to give away money when I tell people about this. While there’s little to no commitment financially, there is a small opportunity cost. It might require a little energy and time to wait for packs to drop.

This is a working page for friends and family to introduce you to NBA TopShot and NFTs it covers basic onboarding. Has some links and is a template to help people get started. It will help you learn what to expect and how to get started. 

TUESDAYS @5 PM PST – (12-minute walkthrough followed by Q&A)

Topic: Tuesdays @5 

Time: 5PM PST

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 838 7180 2051

Passcode: 555

Let’s begin. 

  1. What is TopShot
  2. Why
  3. Sign up
  4. Pack Drops what they are how to find them 
  5. Playing the game
  6. Site Evaluation

Simple ways to make money doing not much. 

  1. Sign up on TopShot site.
  2. Wait for pack drops.
  3. Buy packs of cards.

Learn about drops.

https://www.nbatopshot.com/r/MoHDINBATopShot site! With my referral code if you sign up please use my name it might help me in some way. 
https://evaluate.market/Evaluation site. This site gives you important information about the value of your collection. It also tracks sales and trends. 
https://momentranks.com/another eval site good to check out
https://cryptoslam.io/ See data in real-time. It’s also fun to see other NFTs and marketplaces. 
Twitters for Drops

Text me the word PACKS to: 443-383-4140


NFT market places. 

Join us on Tuesdays @5PM PST learn about getting into NBA TopShot and more. Quick walk through then Q&A