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NFT Times!

Lots of things are happening in the world of digital assets.

Tuesday at 5 : An ongoing open Zoom meeting to help people learn about NBATopShot.

We will also discuss some basic stuff about NFTs.

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Bring your dumb questions everyone does!


NFT Basic onboarding for artists and such.

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9 years ago I hired Alex on fiverr to make a theme song for this site. It was a great use of $5.

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  • That’s not a crow… - Here’s a great game to play whilst going on a walk with a friend… It’s called “That’s not a crow.” Here’s how it works.This is a multiplayer Mad Lib game. The game starts when you hear a crow. The first player will start the game by inquiring about the bird sound. Player 1: “Wow, listen to that, I wonder what…
  • I Eat Ass - The day after I read a news story about a man being arrested in Florida for having an “I Eat Ass Decal” on his truck. I thought it would be a savvy way to make some money.  I do have this decal machine just sitting here. My thinking was to make something slightly more eloquent than…
  • Building on a Foundation of Horrible Ideas - Building on a Foundation of Horrible Ideas An Ignite talk I gave through the TAO. Click here to see on YouTube.
  • PIGSquad! Portland Indie Game Squad - I was fortunate to attend my first PIGSquad meeting. This event was filled with developers, artists, gamers and interested folk. I was able to learn a lot about this outstanding independent game scene in Portland. Despite my admittedly horrible game concept that I shared with a select few, I got some good support from some…
  • Two Kates – web series - Two Kates is a web series written and directed by by Zach Schultz and starring Kate Knappett and Kate Knappett. A comedic and dramatic look at isolation, depression and anxiety, “Two Kates” follows an agoraphobic woman (Kate) after she has recently had a clone made of herself in order to keep herself company and to…
  • Mike Merrill Publicly Traded Man - Mike Merrill is certainly an innovative and creative person who also happens to be publicly traded, that means people buy and sell stock in him…
  • Feeling Vine… - I’ve been loving the Vine app from twitter lately. It’s an app that allows you to share short videos and animations with you friends. Check out some more vines I’ve made.
  • Play Pause Movie Theater - Going to the movie theater costs more now than ever before. Shouldn’t you be able to see every second of the movie you pay for? The solution is to have the theater set up more like home  and simply providing each member of the audience the ability to pause the movie when needed, this would…
  • Wristband Print Press - After meeting with David Butts from Mad Dog Garage. I was inspired to develop something with working gears, my initial idea was to build a wristband fidget device. Since wristband watches seem to be more of an accessory items, I figured a device on the wrist doesn’t really need to tell time. A wristband watch…
  • Joe Keatinge Conversations - I had the pleasure to talk with Joe Keatinge as we explored some fun parts of Portland together. Joe is a comic book writer and editor.Check out what he’s up to at http://joekeatinge.tumblr.com/orFollow him on twitter @joekeatingeIf you are at Emerald City Comiccon this weekend you can follow him around in person!—click here to watch…


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