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PIGSquad! Portland Indie Game Squad

I was fortunate to attend my first PIGSquad meeting. This event was filled with developers, artists, gamers and interested folk. I was able to learn a lot about this outstanding independent game scene in Portland.

Despite my admittedly horrible game concept that I shared with a select few, I got some good support from some people I had just met. This demonstrates to me a wonderfully open and resourceful community of game makers who are willing and able to be supportive of even the dumbest of ideas presented.

I had my video camera with me to capture some of the feel and excitement of the PIGSquad meeting.

A lot of people at this PIGSquad meeting used Unity to help produce games. I saw some space shooter game that this guy cranked out in like a week using Unity and free open source graphics. I was impressed.. although I wasn’t a fan of how the guns shot.

I saw a lot of people with pens and paper and that’s kind of the way I like to work when it comes to developing stuff. I was sort of drawn to flashing lights though.

Mimic was one multiplayer game that I totally destroyed someone I was playing against. It’s sort of hard to explain but basically your character that you are playing comes back from the past as a clone and plays for you in the future if that makes any sense. It makes for some awesome strategy when it comes to playing against someone.

I talked with someone that helped release a game called Starship Rubicon, it’s a pretty awesome looking game too that seems to combine some of my favorite aspects of games, shooting and strategy.

For the next PIGSquad meeting, I hope to have a working prototype of my dumb game and perhaps a couple of awesome ideas for it.

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