That’s not a crow…

That’s not a crow!

Here’s a great game to play whilst going on a walk with a friend… It’s called “That’s not a crow.” 
Here’s how it works.
This is a multiplayer Mad Lib game. The game starts when you hear a crow. 
The first player will start the game by inquiring about the bird sound. 
Player 1: “Wow, listen to that, I wonder what kind of bird that is..” 
The second player responds.
Player 2: “That’s a crow.” 
The game is on. Now there a simple formula to follow.

The first player will say… 
That’s not a (whatever the previous person said) that’s a… 
Pick a Color + Select the Past tense of a body part +select a LocationWarbler

Below is a simple form selector for ideas…

For example… 

That’s not a crow, that’s a blue-eyed Kentucky Warbler. 
Then you take turns repeating the previous bird name and replacing it with a new one. 
That’s not a Blue Eyed Kentucky Warbler, that’s an Orange fingered Mountain Warbler…. 

The game continues until all possibilities are exhausted.

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