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I built an Accountabiliteam GPT. This allows you to organize your current network into an awesome team of advisors. I know this thing could use a lot of polishing and there’s a solid number of ways to improve it. For now it’s pretty cool to have an online working version of the tool that does a lot more that other MVPs of the same concept, a google form or just a scrap of paper and a series of questions.

Some years ago I had an idea for an accountability service called Accountabiliteam. The idea was pretty simple, subscribers would say what they are working on and then we would check in to make sure they would be doing what they said they’d do. Not a bad idea, it just needed a mountain of work in order to turn it into the revenue generating beast it has potential to be.
The idea evolved into a tool that would help you organize your phone contacts into a powerful team of advisors. The vision was to build a phone app that would allow you to sort through your contacts and place different people into a range of advisory categories. Relationships, health, finance, career, creative, fashion, education  and other categories. 
Once your advisors had been picked, the app would prompt you to check in with your different advisors with some level of frequency. The app might help track or log your connections so you could track your progress.

This was also one idea in a series of ideas that encouraged connecting with actual people and strengthening your current network as opposed to adding more people to it. Other ideas in that series included…

  • Urban Animals: Cycle the blocking off of various neighborhood streets in order to have various animals freely roaming around. 
  • Neighborhood Delivery Person: This is just a system that organizes neighbors to offer and receive pick ups / deliveries of things.One big idea here was to build a system that replaces Uber Eats or Door Dash. 
  • Food Stamp Collective:  A system to share food resources to help provide healthy and hearty meals to people who might need help with that. 

Accountabiliteam Revenue Plan
If a user didn’t have a decent contact they could assign to a particular role, then the app would connect an “expert” in whatever area to advise you and be part of your Accountabiliteam. Basically a Fiverr style model for consulting.
We may charge a small monthly fee for the app to help organize, book, track your Accountabiliteam. Users can text, email or call an expert or AI in order to opt in to additional costs.

There are certainly a few ways to make money with this.
Check in! That’s it. That’s the simplest form of this idea, check in with people. 
When AI became publicly available, I rethought how the Accountabiliteam might work. This is a concept doc of what that might look like.

While AI is super amazing, the beauty of the Accountabiliteam is that it involves  your current network, while AI can be helpful with organizing it, it’s not really needed. 
Here are the basic steps to make that happen. 

  1. Identify Your Needs: Assess which areas of life you need guidance in (e.g., finance, health, career).
  2. Match Advisors: Assign each role to someone in your network who excels in that area.
  3. Fill Gaps: If an area is lacking an advisor, seek out a knowledgeable individual to fill that role.
  4. Regular Check-ins: Schedule consistent interactions with your advisors to receive guidance and feedback.
  5. Reciprocal Advising: Identify areas where you are the expert and offer your advice to others in your network.

The Accountabiliteam GPT from above will also walk you through this and more. 

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