That’s not a crow…

That’s not a crow!

Here’s a great game to play whilst going on a walk with a friend… It’s called “That’s not a crow.” 
Here’s how it works.
This is a multiplayer Mad Lib game. The game starts when you hear a crow. 
The first player will start the game by inquiring about the bird sound. 
Player 1: “Wow, listen to that, I wonder what kind of bird that is..” 
The second player responds.
Player 2: “That’s a crow.” 
The game is on. Now there a simple formula to follow.

The first player will say… 
That’s not a (whatever the previous person said) that’s a… 
Pick a Color + Select the Past tense of a body part +select a LocationWarbler

Below is a simple form selector for ideas…

For example… 

That’s not a crow, that’s a blue-eyed Kentucky Warbler. 
Then you take turns repeating the previous bird name and replacing it with a new one. 
That’s not a Blue Eyed Kentucky Warbler, that’s an Orange fingered Mountain Warbler…. 

The game continues until all possibilities are exhausted.

I Eat Ass

I Eat Ass

The day after I read a news story about a man being arrested in Florida for having an “I Eat Ass Decal” on his truck. I thought it would be a savvy way to make some money.  I do have this decal machine just sitting here. 
My thinking was to make something slightly more eloquent than the available I Eat Ass decals and stickers on the market. So I found a font I liked and quickly produced a batch of decals. In the shadow of this news story, this was bound to make a substantial amount of money…. an easy sell, that is if I act quickly to get the product up for sale, maybe some photos, marketing, advertising, and all that other stuff. That was like a month or so ago. 
While the news story buzz kind of died down and I probably missed out on some quick sale, I still think there’s a great demand for these decals. 
People seemed to enjoy the decals and I’ve given a lot away. In this customer research, I realized that some people didn’t really like the I Eat Ass decals and that I might be able to reach a larger audience creating another decal. Someone suggested that I do a “You are Beautiful” decal and said that people like to be reminded of that, I agreed. 
In order to maximize time and resources, it made the most sense for me to get rid of the “are” in You are Beautiful. The resulting “You Beautiful” decal still makes sense and I learned the linguistic term for this is called a copula deletion or zero copula. It works and also allows me to make a decal that would fit into the 6” envelopes I already owned making shipping a lot easier. It also cut back on production time for the decals and I think looked better too. 

you beautiful
You Beautiful

I’m guessing anyone offended or upset with the I Eat Ass decal will most likely purchase a You Beautiful decal. This is known as a “double bind”, creating a false sense of choice… similar to when you go car shopping and the salesperson asks if you will be paying with cash or a card but intentionally excludes other options. 
The two decals are both available online.

I Eat Ass decal

You Beautiful decal

Conversations from Slabtown Showdown

This past weekend Crazy Flipper Fingers hosted a very large pinball tournament in Portland, the Showdown at Slabtown III. The tournament brought in some of the best pinball players in the world.

I wish I had more time to have a few more conversations with people as all sorts of interesting folks showed up for this tournament.

The following three conversations are posted in order of when I did them. If you want to view all three in sequence I made a player at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Neil Shatz

Bowen Kerins

Todd MacCulloch

Bowen went on to win the tournament. Read more about the tournament at Crazy Flipper Fingers site. I’ll be posting a map of our walks along with some more details eventually and perhaps even a scavenger hunt. Can you spot a flying Mario in one of these videos?

And all three conversations in a player for your viewing pleasure.

$50 Metro Card!

MTA has proposed to raise the monthly price of the Metro Card to $130, this makes a lot of people upset.
It was our duty as idea people to develop a solution to this problem that would make everyone happy. It took some effort but we can gladly say we have come up with a solution that will satisfy all sides on this issue.

Basically we propose to offer scaled prices that falls into anyone’s budget…
As a rider you should have a choice to ride with luxury or affordability.

Below are the new riding options we propose.

Premium Class
Just because you’re going underground doesn’t mean your expectations should.
– $150 Monthly
– Experience the authentic sights, sounds and smells of New York
– Enjoy the luxury of a seat contoured to the human form

Business Class
Getting back on track just got easier.
– $100 Monthly
– Learn about the exciting opportunities offered by technical colleges, dentists, premium malt beverages, and more
– Our remarkable climate-controlled subway cars will keep you cool in the heat and hot in the cold.
– Arrive at or near your destination without the hassle and expense of a cab ride!

Metro Class
Enjoy the conveniences of New York’s world-famous subway system without breaking the bank!
– $50 Monthly
– Get where you’re going

Basically Metrocard holders will now be divided into these three different classifications. Riders can now actually save money with our proposed system. Cars on the train will be divided into either a Premium car, a Business car or a Metro car. Different card holders will be allowed access to cars depending on what Metrocard option they decide upon. This will operate much like how airplanes often have first class, business class or economy class.
Some other small differences between the different proposed Metrocard would be that Premium riders will be allowed to exit and enter cars 20 seconds before other riders will be allowed to enter and exit. This will help avoid crowding in the subway.
Stations might also offer reserved seating for Premium and Business class riders who are waiting for trains.

The new proposed rider level system only applies to the train as the majority of estimated Premium riders probably won’t be using the bus system anyhow.

Balance Your Tan

One of the biggest problems America faces during the hot sunny days of Summer is that of unbalanced tans. Also known as “farmer tans”, these unbalanced tans are often considered unattractive and confuse people.
One solution for this epidemic is to simply wear the reverse outfit than what you previously wore in order to balance your tan out.

Basically the idea is that you wear a face hood, arm sleeves and leggings will block your already tanned parts and give the Sun ample access to your now exposed torso.
Obviously there would be a variety of reverse tanning clothing options so that you can directly cover tanned areas and leave pasty areas exposed.

Coin-Opp Seating / Paperbox Seating :Class War Weapons


The concept of class war weapons has been on my mind lately. Basically the idea is that in war, the ones that benefit are contractors and weapons manufacturers. Those that profit most from war are those that offer services to all sides fighting in the war.

The idea of class war weapons is kind of interesting to me. It forces me to think differently about the products, services and systems that we currently have in place and how they might effect different classes.

Recently while waiting for a friend I was kind of annoyed by the lack of seating around the subway stop I was at. Then I discovered that someone had taken the liberty to push a Village Voice paper box on it’s side providing an excellent spot to sit in a place where there was no decent public seating. This made me think that they should design all paper boxes to also double as public seating. Thinking about the design of this multipurpose paper boxes I was curious about where and how to put the coin slot and door on these in order to make it not too much of a stretching exercise to pay for and pull out your paper. I suppose though once you get your paper, then you would have a nice place to sit and read it. Future paper boxes might even provide some shelter from the weather.

Thoughts on this coin slot position for a horizontal paper box brought me to the idea of a coin-opp seat. The idea is pretty simple, you put a quarter in, pull the seat down and sit on it, when you get up, the seat retracts and is ready to accept more money.
With coin-opp seating, you can assure that the riff-raff aren’t going to be sitting around (unless of course they can shell out the big bucks for a seat). This is what I might consider as an excellent example of a class war weapon. In contrast, the previous example of simply pushing paper boxes sideways is more of a class war tactic than a weapon.

There are all sorts of class war weapons out there, just got to be aware of them I suppose. Uh.. can anyone tell me what the opposite of barbed wire is?

#walkandtalk the Social Experiment

Two weeks ago I came up with a little experiment for the people that follow me on Twitter. Initially my idea was to see how many people might call if I posted my phone number in a tweet along with some instructions to call. The tag #walkandtalk made sense to me cause I’m not a fan of abbreviating the word “and” down to the letter”n”. The concept is simple have my phone on me while walking around my neighborhood. Basically my plan was to open my line up to anyone who cared to call and talk.

I have to admit I thought my half hour or so walks would be high powered productive conversations that would spawn some of the most innovative and exciting ideas that the world has ever seen. In this delusion I would be talking with well known political figures, inventors, high powered business people, big time creatives and a variety of geniuses that all for some reason all follow me on Twitter. My thinking is since they follow me, they must want to hear what I have to say… right? The reality was far from my delusion. It’s interesting to think about how on a regular basis, we all basically working on closing the gap between reality and delusion.

The Numbers
I currently have
587 followers on Twitter.
When I started doing the walk and talks I had
571 followers on Twitter.
Of those followers, I’ve probably met 1/4 of them in person. This makes me feel like I got a good group of followers.
When I track links I post on Twitter, on average I get about 45 clicks to what ever it is I link to.
I tweeted with the #walkandtalk tag 9 times along with my phone number and a number of minutes I’d be available to talk.
I was retweeted once by @digitalsnowmen
@dearestportland inquired about what #walkandtalk was
and finally @podgnosticast was the first actual caller after about two weeks of walk and talks. JC even recorded an interview with me about the project that you can listen to at

I figured after the interview I realized it was time to share my understanding of the results of the #walkandtalk experiment.

The Results
Data doesn’t do much good unless someone comes along and points out some obvious observations about it.
Now I’m no professional analyst and I’m sure anyone reading this might have a different opinion on what to take from this.

There are a lot of factors to take place when analyzing any data, and it’s difficult to look at anything without taking a look at other things going on. It’s fairly safe to assume that the people that follow me generally won’t call a number when they see it in a tweet. For several reasons this might be the case.
Why not call? Below are some possible reasons why I believe I only got one call in 2 weeks.

  • Time. Followers don’t see the tweets in real time so by the time they actually see my tweet the walk and talk time period is up. A lot of people might just be busy too.
  • People don’t want to talk to strangers. Maybe at some point we should be taught to talk to strangers…
  • The unknown? I’m guessing a lot of people don’t want to participate in something they know very little about. That is why if you are trying to raise money for something, it’s probably helpful to tell people what you are raising money for.
  • Perhaps Twitter is for talking not for listening.
  • I’m not famous and I’m not girl. This might account for a lot of people not calling me.
  • People often don’t give value to things that are free. If I charged a small amount of money and had a tiny bit of marketing, I’m fairly certain I would have received more calls. A while back I sold calls to peoples pets for $1 and actually made a number of calls..

I think that’s a good reason bullet list why people didn’t pick up the phone and actually call.
Ideally as more people actually participate in this project, there might actually be some more innovations to report on.

Remember when advertising used to be called social networking?

While so far this is my experience posting my phone number on Twitter, I do encourage others to post their number and do their own #walkandtalk to see what comes from it. Other than the potential for abuse, I think that for the most part more good than harm can come from actually talking with the people you follow or that follow you.

Now What?
I’m thinking that with a little understanding about this project perhaps more people will participate in the walk and talks. I would love to even post a video, photos and or share a map along with where I go, what I do and what happens on these walks. I see #walkandtalk being a fantastic tool and exercise in the practice of creativity. It’s an ever changing concept that really explores individual communication and hopefully will help in connecting people.

Next time I talk about walk and talks, I hope to have some interesting stories to tell from some amazing people.

If you would like to hear more about this idea or project give a listen at Podgnosticast

Perhaps I’ll be talking with you next #walkandtalk on Twitter.

At some point reality is created from the delusion of it.