$50 Metro Card!

MTA has proposed to raise the monthly price of the Metro Card to $130, this makes a lot of people upset.
It was our duty as idea people to develop a solution to this problem that would make everyone happy. It took some effort but we can gladly say we have come up with a solution that will satisfy all sides on this issue.

Basically we propose to offer scaled prices that falls into anyone’s budget…
As a rider you should have a choice to ride with luxury or affordability.

Below are the new riding options we propose.

Premium Class
Just because you’re going underground doesn’t mean your expectations should.
– $150 Monthly
– Experience the authentic sights, sounds and smells of New York
– Enjoy the luxury of a seat contoured to the human form

Business Class
Getting back on track just got easier.
– $100 Monthly
– Learn about the exciting opportunities offered by technical colleges, dentists, premium malt beverages, and more
– Our remarkable climate-controlled subway cars will keep you cool in the heat and hot in the cold.
– Arrive at or near your destination without the hassle and expense of a cab ride!

Metro Class
Enjoy the conveniences of New York’s world-famous subway system without breaking the bank!
– $50 Monthly
– Get where you’re going

Basically Metrocard holders will now be divided into these three different classifications. Riders can now actually save money with our proposed system. Cars on the train will be divided into either a Premium car, a Business car or a Metro car. Different card holders will be allowed access to cars depending on what Metrocard option they decide upon. This will operate much like how airplanes often have first class, business class or economy class.
Some other small differences between the different proposed Metrocard would be that Premium riders will be allowed to exit and enter cars 20 seconds before other riders will be allowed to enter and exit. This will help avoid crowding in the subway.
Stations might also offer reserved seating for Premium and Business class riders who are waiting for trains.

The new proposed rider level system only applies to the train as the majority of estimated Premium riders probably won’t be using the bus system anyhow.

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