Dryyer Meals!

Q – What’s the best way to cook food?

Pots and Pans are confusing and make people angry!

The oven is just too hot!

Fire Are Dangerous!

Dryyer Meals!

The best way to cook food is in the dryer!

This concept is rather simple. Basically you throw all the prepared food for your meal into a meal bag along with your spices and flavoring, throw in a bit of water, then you throw that meal bag into the dryer to cook. Soon you will have an tasty and healthy meal, right out of the dryer. Each bite will explode with flavor as the spices are evenly distributed to each piece of food. It’s healthy because you cooked it in the dryer.
If you time it right you can prepare your meal the same time a load of laundry needs to be dried, this will give all your clothes a mouth watering sent that will broadcast to the world what that you Dryyer Meals!

This idea came about after thinking about the mail recipes and what items you could prepare in an envelope. Steve Marsh a famous inventor friend of mine came up with the idea for Spicy Dryer Sheets. Basically this optional flavor sheet would be tossed into the meal bag and would easily flavor your meals with very little work.

I know what you are thinking…. What about dessert?

Well Dryyer Dessert isn’t going to be too difficult to pull off either.

Mail Recipes

Mail Recipes

1. Stick your ingredients into an envelope.
2. Mail it.
3. When it arrives, it’s done. Enjoy!

Basically this concept for mail recipes is for foods that may take some time and transit in order for them to be complete, I’m guessing butter, yogurt, curds, some cheeses and probably a whole slew of new foods might fit into this category of mail foods. Tomorrow I’ll be writing about the idea that spun off from this one. Developing ideas is an exciting process. Snack time.. better check the mail…

iTrain (ice cream train)

icecream train
The ice cream train is kind of like the garbage train although it stops and sells you ice cream instead of freely blasting you with smells of the subway. As indicated by the blueprints above, the train would have to blast the same music as most ice cream trucks.

Since moving to NY I’ve found that a good number of my new ideas and concepts are directly influenced by things around me. It’s no quinkydink that a good number of my ideas happen while in the subway and are subway related. I suppose a good portion of my written stand up material is also subway related. Idle time and observation are some excellent tools for developing ideas. Imagine if we all had to spend time idling and observing in places where there is a crucial need for ideas and solutions that will help save lives.

Celebrity Poker Tournament!

Poker Tourney
Last year I participated in a Texas hold’em poker tournament with Ira Glass, David Cross and Michael Ian Black. The tournament was to raise money for 826NYC a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. I not only raised some money for a good cause but I finished 5th in the poker tournament.
On Saturday April 17th, 2010 there will be another tournament and I hope to raise even more money for 826 NYC and I’m asking for your help.

My goal this year is to raise $826. This is no difficult task as it is nearly a week away. That is why I’m asking people that have a steady income or are independently wealthy to donate what they feel comfortable with. Ideally I can find 50 people who are capable of donating $17 each and help me exceed my goal.
This is no easy task I pretty much need to find 8 people each day to donate to the cause.

I ask if you can spare a little money for a good cause please donate here.

For the next week you will be hearing updates about the fund raising efforts as well some simple tactics I’ll be using to raise these funds. I’m sure you will be hearing from me soon.

I thank you in advance for your donation.

Here’s a little video about 826NYC…

Please help me by spreading the word if you can too! Thanks.

Subway Kite

Imagine the hit you will be on any subway car with a subway kite. I suppose it could be called a train kite. Shortly before the doors are closing you release your kite and enough kite string to prepare for flight. When the train takes off so will your popularity in the train car as your kite rises in miraculous flight.

Static Pencil


My latest invention is the static pencil. Basically it’s a pencil that remains in one spot, in order to use the pencil, pen, crayon or drawing tool, you move the canvas below it with your hands. I was thinking some people might not want one consistent line on their paper so, I thought a simple foot pedal would raise and lower the drawing tool. I would imagine the device would allow you to easily swap out your preferred drawing device and would have an adjustable tension on the device in order to press down on what ever canvas you might have.


I believe this invention solves the problem of having your arm block what you are working on while drawing or writing. I also think this invention will prevent pencil and pen thefts. I could see these devices being put in banks and schools. Every child should have access to a static pencil.

Below is a rapid prototype of how this invention might work…

Open Hack NYC

This is my photo on this couch
cropped and blown up then added to this picture frame…
Dime Frame
this is my photo on this couch.

Me at wall of innovators

This is my hack for the wonderful Yahoo sponsored Open Hack NYC. I call my hack Innovation Destination. I figure the best way to be an innovator is to post your picture on a wall with a bunch of innovators then, live up to the justification of you posting your picture up.
Unlike most hacks in this competition, mine is not based on a computer. This hack is more about an awareness of surroundings and about humor. While we may not always act on our thoughts to “hack” our surroundings, I feel it’s an important practice to exercise. I find the most exciting thing is when people use the current tools available to them in an innovative way. Innovation is such a core part of this conference and I applaud all who are a part of this event and to those who continue to push us forward…..

(it’s after 5:AM.. perhaps I shouldn’t have had those red bulls….)
I’m going to be adding more images and stories about my adventures with this hack on my flickr page