Open Hack NYC

This is my photo on this couch
cropped and blown up then added to this picture frame…
Dime Frame
this is my photo on this couch.

Me at wall of innovators

This is my hack for the wonderful Yahoo sponsored Open Hack NYC. I call my hack Innovation Destination. I figure the best way to be an innovator is to post your picture on a wall with a bunch of innovators then, live up to the justification of you posting your picture up.
Unlike most hacks in this competition, mine is not based on a computer. This hack is more about an awareness of surroundings and about humor. While we may not always act on our thoughts to “hack” our surroundings, I feel it’s an important practice to exercise. I find the most exciting thing is when people use the current tools available to them in an innovative way. Innovation is such a core part of this conference and I applaud all who are a part of this event and to those who continue to push us forward…..

(it’s after 5:AM.. perhaps I shouldn’t have had those red bulls….)
I’m going to be adding more images and stories about my adventures with this hack on my flickr page

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