Static Pencil


My latest invention is the static pencil. Basically it’s a pencil that remains in one spot, in order to use the pencil, pen, crayon or drawing tool, you move the canvas below it with your hands. I was thinking some people might not want one consistent line on their paper so, I thought a simple foot pedal would raise and lower the drawing tool. I would imagine the device would allow you to easily swap out your preferred drawing device and would have an adjustable tension on the device in order to press down on what ever canvas you might have.


I believe this invention solves the problem of having your arm block what you are working on while drawing or writing. I also think this invention will prevent pencil and pen thefts. I could see these devices being put in banks and schools. Every child should have access to a static pencil.

Below is a rapid prototype of how this invention might work…

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