Cardboard Sign Businesses


So you are looking to make a little extra money. Here’s a list of businesses you can start quickly and easily with just a cardboard sign.

  1. Description of Museum Experience – Museums can be expensive and often require a lot of time to go through, by simply setting up a spot outside of a popular museum, you can charge far less than the regular admission and just give a brief description of the museum going experience. A lot of people will pay for this service as they will save both money and time by not actually going to the museum themselves.
  2. Get Your Directions – Simply set up your chair and sign in a spot where people often are lost. People that get lost are often wealthy business travelers who’d be willing to shell out a buck or two to someone who can pretend to give directions well.
  3. Restaurant Reviews – Set up your new business in front of a restaurant. People who are planning on spending money on a meal most likely trust the opinion of a professional holding a cardboard sign.
  4. Description of Movies – Movies are expensive. Setting up your new business outside of a movie theater give you access to a nice demographic of movie goers. People will gladly shell out some good money to get a decent description of a movie. For a little extra cash you could even act out a few of your favorite scenes from movies.
  5. Random Yes or No – People hate making decisions and like it when others decide for them. People will gladly pay you good money to randomly tell them either yes or no.
  6. I’ll watch your shit-  Offer to watch peoples crap as they go into shop. People with expensive bikes will appreciate a professional set of eyes on their wheels, you can also watch peoples dogs and cats as they go shopping, often times pets are not allowed in stores. In crowded shopping situations people with kids and strollers will be glad that you offer such a service that will allow them to quickly get shopping done without the bulk of carrying a stroller or youngster with them.
  7. Tell Jokes – For a small fee tell funny jokes, I doubt you will get much repeat business so simply tell the same 2-3 jokes over and over again throughout the day. Before heading out with your cardboard sign look up funny jokes on the internet so you are repeating the most current and funny jokes around.
  8. Current News – Offer to give a brief summary of current events.
  9. Weather reports-Give people the current weather report.
  10. Take My Photo – People paying for a photo with you will most likely think you’re famous or something cause who in their right mind would charge for having their photo taken, other than someone who is famous enough to charge for it.
  11. Wireless Password – Find an area where there is a secure wireless network then charge people to get a secret wireless password.
  12. Let me name that for you– Set up your new business outside of a pet store or hospital, people will be relieved that they won’t have to spend the mental energy involved coming up with a decent name for their new pet or child.
  13. Travel Safety Tips – Set your business up late at night in a sketchy area of town or in a fairly deserted train station. People who might be slightly frightened by their surroundings will be far less frightened once they shell out some money for some safety tips.
  14. Start your Business today – with access to some cardboard and a pen,  you could sell your new business pretty easily, by having a stack of business signs you can sell your business to someone looking to buy an already established business. When you find yourself tired of running your business, don’t just toss your business in the garbage, sell it for big money.

This is just a small list of business ideas you can easily start with a piece of cardboard and a sharpie marker. With a little creativity, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with a concept that is right for you. In just a few minutes you can be your own boss and be well on  your way to making literally hundreds of dollars.

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