Free Shows For Life

Free Shows!

For the cost of a couple boxes with the word “Cupcakes” written on the side, any show can be free. This idea most likely will work with your favorite music shows, theater shows, private parties… and the list goes on. Simply walk up to the party you are planning on going to, wink at the security and say the word, “Cupcakes”, then walk past. Although the bands, actors, and party goers might be disappointed when they realize there are not actually cupcakes in those boxes and there is a slim chance you might be stopped right away if the security is suspicious if you don’t look and sound like a cup cake delivery person.
Replacing the word “Cupcakes” with the word “Ice Cream” might allow you to quickly swoop by. Most people know that ice cream tends to melt quickly, especially in cardboard boxes.
If you want to go to the show with a group of your friends, you might need to get more cupcake boxes.

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