Dryyer Meals!

Q – What’s the best way to cook food?

Pots and Pans are confusing and make people angry!

The oven is just too hot!

Fire Are Dangerous!

Dryyer Meals!

The best way to cook food is in the dryer!

This concept is rather simple. Basically you throw all the prepared food for your meal into a meal bag along with your spices and flavoring, throw in a bit of water, then you throw that meal bag into the dryer to cook. Soon you will have an tasty and healthy meal, right out of the dryer. Each bite will explode with flavor as the spices are evenly distributed to each piece of food. It’s healthy because you cooked it in the dryer.
If you time it right you can prepare your meal the same time a load of laundry needs to be dried, this will give all your clothes a mouth watering sent that will broadcast to the world what that you Dryyer Meals!

This idea came about after thinking about the mail recipes and what items you could prepare in an envelope. Steve Marsh a famous inventor friend of mine came up with the idea for Spicy Dryer Sheets. Basically this optional flavor sheet would be tossed into the meal bag and would easily flavor your meals with very little work.

I know what you are thinking…. What about dessert?

Well Dryyer Dessert isn’t going to be too difficult to pull off either.

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