Cardboard Sign Businesses


So you are looking to make a little extra money. Here’s a list of businesses you can start quickly and easily with just a cardboard sign.

  1. Description of Museum Experience – Museums can be expensive and often require a lot of time to go through, by simply setting up a spot outside of a popular museum, you can charge far less than the regular admission and just give a brief description of the museum going experience. A lot of people will pay for this service as they will save both money and time by not actually going to the museum themselves. Continue reading Cardboard Sign Businesses

Pasties for Dogs and Cats

The other day while hanging with Carly, Josh and Gabe a small dog wearing a sweater somehow became our topic of conversation. One of those three I think it was Carly came up with the idea that they should make pasties for dogs and cats to cover up the rather exposed pooping part on these animals.
Initially the design involved a pacifier type of device. I later came up with the tail ring design as I find it far less invading to the animal who would be wearing such a device.

In the drawings I’m using a smile face design but it might be nice to put a mirror, clock, piece of art or some other practical design in this thing. Perhaps a nice sparkly diamond would look nice.


If this idea catches on perhaps instead being faced with a pooper, it might be a beautiful image of inspiration.

Some Have it Worse…

Tough times are certainly hitting more than the pocket book now a days. Too often people link their mental health to their financial health, this unfortunate fact could put our mentally stable nation at risk as the economy continues to spiral downward.
To combat the emotional depression, I propose a phone service that simply allows callers to tell the person on the other line their woes. The thing is that the person on the other end of the phone will always have it slightly worse than the actual caller…
for instance here is a possible conversation.

Caller: I can’t afford food for my dog.
Service: I had to make food from my dog.


Basically the highly qualified professional phone answerer will appear to be slightly more miserable than the caller. The idea is that after the caller calls, they will feel much better about themselves.

The service would also be offered via a website too where a user could simply type into the computer what ever is troubling them and be greeted with an instant response from the trained professionals.

And to pay for it all you might be wondering… well I thought about that too.. uh.. maybe sell ads to lottery people or something..

Private phone hat.


The Private Phone Hat or “PPhat” is a simple privacy device so you can freely use your portable devices in the privacy of your own hat. Basically it’s a large tube of stretchy fabric that rests on your head. When you want to check your bank account, type in passwords, email you secret lover or any sort of private device actions this hat extends from your head and wraps around the device you are using. This allows you to use one hand to hold the device and the other can be inserted underneath the fabric barrier to control the device.

The tube of fabric will protect onlookers from stealing your secrets while you are in public places as well make you look like a fancy business person or something.

Hands free popcorn eating device.

When my roommate Jason, offered me a bowl of popcorn the other day, I was very excited about getting a wonderful surprise snack.

Then I began to give the popcorn some thought. I came this this revelation.

When eating popcorn what is the most difficult thing about it?…

That’s right having to make several trips from the bowl to your mouth. It’s rather annoying and also gets popcorn stuff all over your hands ugh, no one wants that. Matter of fact this is an annoying thing with most foods in general. Always having to constantly make trips from your bowl, plate or bag up to your mouth. That’s when I came up with the idea for the Hands free popcorn eating device.

Although the sketches aren’t totally perfect, it does explain a couple design ideas. Since people love squirrels, I was thinking some sort of cheek pouch system might work well. This is also an important lesson for inventors trying to figure something out… Learn from nature, as it often has the solutions around us. Granted for my version the cheek pouches would actually be located on the outside of the cheeks.

Popcorn Eater

I was thinking that two large buckets could hold the popcorn and as you eat the popcorn through the popcorn tube gravity would put more popcorn infront of your mouth. I would build some sort of kernel filter so that you would constantly get decent sized pieces of popcorn.

I would imagine future versions of this device would have butter, brewers yeast, soy sauce or salt dispensers someplace too.

Of course after I wrote this article I found this awesome link

hands free popcorn eating device.

Video Phone Holder

Video Phone Holder

As an inventor and idea person, it’s crucial to anticipate trends and technological advancements. I’m guessing that video phones will be everywhere in the next 5-50 years or so.
The video phone holder allows users to stylishly communicate hands free. As you can see this is basically a hat with a flexible rod sticking out of it that can hold your phone.
This device could easily be converted so you can read a book while walking, riding your bike or driving, this would also be excellent for video players too. You could pretty much hold anything in front of your face with this.
As ipods are to music, I would imagine this device would be to things you want hanging in front of your face.