Hands free popcorn eating device.

When my roommate Jason, offered me a bowl of popcorn the other day, I was very excited about getting a wonderful surprise snack.

Then I began to give the popcorn some thought. I came this this revelation.

When eating popcorn what is the most difficult thing about it?…

That’s right having to make several trips from the bowl to your mouth. It’s rather annoying and also gets popcorn stuff all over your hands ugh, no one wants that. Matter of fact this is an annoying thing with most foods in general. Always having to constantly make trips from your bowl, plate or bag up to your mouth. That’s when I came up with the idea for the Hands free popcorn eating device.

Although the sketches aren’t totally perfect, it does explain a couple design ideas. Since people love squirrels, I was thinking some sort of cheek pouch system might work well. This is also an important lesson for inventors trying to figure something out… Learn from nature, as it often has the solutions around us. Granted for my version the cheek pouches would actually be located on the outside of the cheeks.

Popcorn Eater

I was thinking that two large buckets could hold the popcorn and as you eat the popcorn through the popcorn tube gravity would put more popcorn infront of your mouth. I would build some sort of kernel filter so that you would constantly get decent sized pieces of popcorn.

I would imagine future versions of this device would have butter, brewers yeast, soy sauce or salt dispensers someplace too.

Of course after I wrote this article I found this awesome link

hands free popcorn eating device.

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