Some Have it Worse…

Tough times are certainly hitting more than the pocket book now a days. Too often people link their mental health to their financial health, this unfortunate fact could put our mentally stable nation at risk as the economy continues to spiral downward.
To combat the emotional depression, I propose a phone service that simply allows callers to tell the person on the other line their woes. The thing is that the person on the other end of the phone will always have it slightly worse than the actual caller…
for instance here is a possible conversation.

Caller: I can’t afford food for my dog.
Service: I had to make food from my dog.


Basically the highly qualified professional phone answerer will appear to be slightly more miserable than the caller. The idea is that after the caller calls, they will feel much better about themselves.

The service would also be offered via a website too where a user could simply type into the computer what ever is troubling them and be greeted with an instant response from the trained professionals.

And to pay for it all you might be wondering… well I thought about that too.. uh.. maybe sell ads to lottery people or something..

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