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Wristband Print Press

After meeting with David Butts from Mad Dog Garage. I was inspired to develop something with working gears, my initial idea was to build a wristband fidget device. Since wristband watches seem to be more of an accessory items, I figured a device on the wrist doesn’t really need to tell time. A wristband watch is kind of a stylish way to stay connected to the past really.

While rethinking the purpose of a wristband device, I thought it might be interesting to have a small printing press that would print out something simple like a small strip of paper with your name and phone number on it. Business cards are also not totally necessary anymore so anyone who has them must be important. With this printing press you will be able to quadrupally impress someone by having your own business card, wristband watch type device, your own printing press and the simple fact that you can demonstrate you know how to be stylish and practical.

The simple device would be fed a piece of paper where it would then be trimmed and printed on with a few turns of a wheel.

Printing presses are quite impressive.

It will be a lot of work but with this idea, I’m going to try to make some prototypes and perhaps get a kickstarter going for it in order make this idea more of a reality.

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Business cards? Too practical. I suggest developing this idea as more of a wearable sculpture that would print out a line of poetry or a pithy saying — “technology is a virus” or something similar.

The nice thing about having your own printing press is the idea that you could print out anything you wanted… uh as long as it remains in the size restraints of the press.

Remember Polaroid cameras? They spit out photos in a minute or two. Maybe now they could make watch-size polaroids. They print out little photos. But how much film could they hold? Aha! You have another wrist! On that wrist, you have a storage cubby for extra film. When we can connect this wirelessly to your brain, you could go beyond photos and download some image in your head. But wait! No reason we can’t do that now with any image on wirelessly connected device. It should also have a button for printing images of sounds.

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