Boring Conversations with Interesting People

Mike Merrill Publicly Traded Man

Mike Merrill is certainly an innovative and creative person who also happens to be publicly traded, that means people buy and sell stock in him…
When it comes to making major decisions in his life, well that’s up to his shareholders to decide. Even Hollywood has a piece of Mike, Jason Bateman is supposed to star Mike Merrill the publicly traded man in an upcoming feature about mikes life as a openly traded person.

Mike is a cofounder of a startup called Chroma that helps distribute royalties to investors and contributors who produce products. So basically a simplified way to manage something that is somewhat complex.

Chroma is part of the Oregon Story Board accelerator program and they are demoing their product along with others on January 9th at Hollywood Theater.

Mike is a perfect person to help me bring back the boring conversations with interesting people series. Our walk takes us along the SE Esplanade, where we experience interesting technical issues that I hope to sort out in future videos. Enjoy…

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In 2011 I talk with Mike briefly in this video where through the magic of editing I entirely cut him out just as he’s explaining his project, I remember while editing that video how funny of an edit that would be. My conversations starts with Mike at about 3:49 in this video

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