Rock, Paper, Panties!

I once read that innovation is not about creating new things but finding new uses for things that already exist. This idea presents itself as a challenge… How can I use this? What can I combine this with? Where can this idea be applied elsewhere? This practice and thinking may not come across as innovative or genius but rather appear to be rather stupid. More and more I’ve realized there is a fine line between what might be considered stupid and innovative.

Some of my best ideas have developed and grown from some of the more questionably good ideas. The best ideas generally don’t develop without a heaping pile of bad ideas.

In 2006 I started a website called Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas ( a sort of depository for my uh… not so great ideas. While the site doesn’t get the love it used to. The regular practice of innovation continues on stronger than ever.

Some years ago I had this concept for a line of shirts that would have embroidered on it either a rock, paper or scissors graphic. The idea was that instead of selling just one shirt at a time people would buy them in packs of three so they could have the option of playing the classic rock, paper, scissors game with others who owned the shirt. Not only would I get people to buy the shirts but at some point they would encourage others to buy the shirts too in order to play with them. Not too long ago, this idea evolved into something a bit more intimate as it made more sense to have the game played on underwear as opposed to shirts. This would add a new level of to this game/ product and was probably the best evolution of this idea.

I used to hang out with a guy named Jake who would always say something about developing ideas that always stuck with me. It was something to this extent…

Whatever your idea is, if you boil it down to the simplest form where no one can stop you from doing it, you can move forward with it. For example Jake wanted to have a radio station, now as a large idea, this is a rather complicated and costly process. At it’s simplest form though, with a few pieces of hardware and an internet connection you can broadcast to the world and have some sort of a internet radio station.

I’m not a clothing maker, I don’t know how to make shirts, underwear or socks for that matter. With the idea of making this new clothing line with rock, paper and scissors on it, I’m creating a massive amount of work for myself in a field that I probably don’t want to be in or dedicated to for a long time to just see this idea grow. At it’s simplest form though, without having to design shirts/ underwear without having to spend a large amount of money on materials and have factories crank out my new line of wildly popular and amazing clothing… I can simplify this idea down to a form where no one can stop me from making it happen. This simplified form is a button with either a rock, paper or scissors hand image on it.

The idea of having a social game that is vicinity based and required no modern technology is pretty wonderful. Imagine being in a networking setting where the people you want to connect with are rather apparent by some sort of button or pin, you could even have some sort of radar system on your phone with more detailed information about the people you are around. Imagine having a button or pin to indicate to others how hungry you are, perhaps to show your current mental health state, maybe it shows what your current net worth is. It’s interesting how easy it is to break down social barriers with others by simply providing them a tool for a warm interaction with a complete stranger. It’s nice to think that a violent game like Rock, Paper, Scissors might actually bring people together in some way.

I love ideas, I like to see them evolve and give them legs to run with.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, MoHDI

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Birthday Portraits…

One of the many goals I have for 2013 is to make an effort to do more for people on their birthdays. This year I’ve decided to paint portraits for people’s birthdays.

This task isn’t exactly the easiest in the world and while I may not be able to paint everyones birthday portrait, I do plan on putting together quite a good collection before the year is over.

Painting portraits will not only be a fun regular creative practice but it makes a wonderful gift.

My mom’s birthday is January 1st. I figured this was a good start for the portrait project. I’m glad she has a sense of humor because my portrait skills aren’t quite dialed in yet.

In my first attempt at doing a portrait, my mom’s portrait turned out looking like a Chucky doll then someone asked me if the painting was supposed to be the Goblin King from the Hobbit, I’m just glad my mom doesn’t take things too personal. I figure as the year progresses so will my skills.

The next portrait I did for my mom looked a lot less like Chuckymom2

It be super cool if it was your birthday and you received a bunch of portraits of yourself done by your friends and family. Perhaps this concept might grow into that and soon replace the less personal facebook timeline birthday posting.

As your friends have birthdays this year, consider making a portrait for them, write them a song or poem, draw some art, do something digital, do something physical, make something for them from you, do something with heart and passion and try to give something that only you can give.

Please feel free to contact me if you or someone you know has a birthday coming up and would like me to make a portrait of them. Let me know the person it is, their birthday, and ideally a photo stream of them and I’ll try to make a portrait of them.

TCB 2013!


To summarize this post:

Finding the process to achieve your goals is better than setting your goals. 

Happy New Year!

This is the time of year to take a look forward and figure out how to take care of business. Like most people, I have a lot of ideas in my head about what I want to accomplish this year, I realize as the year progresses so will my goals and resolutions. For the new year, I’m more interested in implementing new processes that will actually help me achieve whatever goals I set.

Find a Process
Learning a process that will actually help me achieve my goals is way better than having a list of goals. Since there are a nearly endless number of ways to go about reaching goals it will be important to find the right process that consistently works for me. This may involve trying several things out.

I’ve failed at achieving a lot of my goals in the past, instead of learning from my mistakes I’m going to focus on learning from my successes and try to implement new processes that work. This is something I picked up from a book called Rework that I recently read. They also had some other good advice about working and getting things done.

I have a variety of different goals or achievements I would like to accomplish in 2013 each may require a different process in order to best make them happen.

One of my resolutions is to work more on for 2013.
A new process for me in order to achieve this is pretty straight forward and is what I’m currently working on learning and implementing.

List, Sort, Do.
Here is how this works.

  1. List out a bunch of ideas for MoHDI posts and content
  2. Sort through the list of ideas, categorize them and pick a handful to work on
  3. Focus on an idea for 15 minutes blocks at a time until it’s done.

Since MoHDI has always been a depository of ideas for me, it’s easy to list out a ton of ideas to work on. My thinking is to keep the list under 50 items in order to not be overwhelmed by a list of ideas.

I initially was going to do this list on paper but soon realized how much easier doing this on my phone would be.

I found an app called Paperless for my phone and so far it seems to be pretty helpful for me. I think I could do a lot of similar things in the free Reminders app that came with my phone and I’m sure I’ll use a combination of the two to actually make things happen.

Here is what one of my lists look like.


I’ve already sorted through and the top 5 items are ones I’m actively working on.

My next step is to pick one and work on it, ideally for a 15 minute block of time.

Most of the items on this list are for content that I would like to make for MoHDI. Some items might require a few minutes to write about and post, others may require a lot more, either way by working on items for small blocks of time I actually can make good progress.

Since I generally write about ideas or things, I really don’t have to do much more than to get the idea across. Ideally I can present ideas in a clear, concise manner with proper grammar and spelling but sometimes I may present something or write about something quickly to get it out.

If it was perfect it wouldn’t be mine.

For the kinds of things I write about and post about, it’s generally more important to get my idea out there. There are exceptions to this and it’s intrinsically rewarding to make things polished and nice. Locked up ideas have no value so it’s important to just get them out, good ideas will evolve and become polished .

Sometimes an idea can be explained with a simple doodle, this is my favorite way to present an idea. Long wordy posts are typically just that, long and wordy. As much as I like to explain and rationalize ideas and share my thoughts on them, I realize it’s more important to simply present an idea and allow the audience to come up with their own opinions and thoughts. No one likes to be told what to think, they do like to be encouraged to explore their own thinking.

The main thing is to keep creating.

I feel this is going to be a good solid process for me to regularly produce good content for MoHDI.

This listing, sorting and doing method might not apply to every goal I’ve set for myself but different goals might require different processes.

Reverse List

Another concept I have for taking care of business in 2013 was to create a reverse list or a count list. This is particularly helpful when it comes to job hunting as that is a crucial goal of mine for this year. Instead of having a list that you go through, you have a list you fill up as you go. For instance I might say to myself that I want to send out 10 emails with my resume and portfolio  on a daily basis until I get a job. The same list concept is super helpful for taking care of things at home too “I will do 3 things to make the house look cleaner daily” you would be surprised at how just doing a few things each day regularly really helps.

Working Smarter

When I think about how I’ve gotten things done in the past, the best processes are often the ones that require a minimal amount of time, energy and are actually fun to work on. When you make your process better, you are working smarter and can make way more things happen. Working smarter also means being more adaptable and be able to adjust as needed. The path to your goals and resolutions should be a process thats as easy as breathing.


In addition to creating processes, It’s going to be important to track progress and actually see some sort of headway and have measurable results, documentation and recognition is crucial in the process of achieving goals and resolutions. While writing on MoHDI the results are easily viewed by page visits, comments and interactions. Even a small step forward is progress and is way better than making no progress at all.

While I know my goals will change, I feel that once I find good processes that work for me, I will be way better off in this coming year than just having a list of goals far out of reach.

There are a whole lot of ways to do things and articles and tips on going about them. Without a good process your goals and resolutions will remain out of reach.




1968 Hand Held Device

While this 1968 handheld device may not have a maps app on it, the design is slick and for the right person must have been a very useful tool to have.


Front Side

img1 img2 img3

Back Side

img4 img5

Inside Front


Inside Back

img7I’ve always loved these types of computing devices the color wheel is another simple example of this kind of device.  I imagine designing my own would be a rather fun activity, perhaps I could make one that lets teaches people how to be more polite or a device that shows you how to quickly calculate distances and heights perhaps a device that shows you what foods go together well for meals.

Play Pause Movie Theater

Play Pause Movie Theater

Going to the movie theater costs more now than ever before. Shouldn’t you be able to see every second of the movie you pay for?

The solution is to have the theater set up more like home  and simply providing each member of the audience the ability to pause the movie when needed, this would allow audience members not to miss a second of their favorite films. With a theater like this even those with the smallest of bladders won’t be afraid to go out to the movies any more.

Each seat in this revolutionary theater would be equipped with some simple controls that would allow the viewer to pause the movie when they might need to.

When a viewer needs to go to the bathroom for instance, they would simply hit the pause button on their armrest then proceed to the bathroom. When they return to their seat, by pushing the “resume” or “play” button, the movie will continue right where it had left off.

In order for the movie to play, every seat must be in “Play” mode. This give everyone an opportunity to freely go about important business that may otherwise disrupt the movie.

For epically long movies like the Hobbit this type of theater is a must.

Nature calling will no longer be an issue for such long movies, hitting the pause button will give you what ever amount of time you might need to carry out your business.

If you are hungry and need some healthy snacks from the concession booth, pause the movie, get some snacks and return to continue the movie right where you left.

I know at home it’s nice to pause the movie to fact check things pertaining to the movie, so now you will have time to do such tasks.

With a theater like this it really puts the audience in control. When you pay top dollar for a movie experience you shouldn’t have to miss the movie just because you have a tiny bladder or have important phone calls coming in.

You are probably wondering what might happen if the movie is paused and you are part of the audience who doesn’t need to go to the bathroom or get a snack or whatever…

Well, in addition to pausing the movie the remaining audience members in the theater would be shown a variety of consumer opportunities until the movie resumed again. It’s really win win.


Wristband Print Press

After meeting with David Butts from Mad Dog Garage. I was inspired to develop something with working gears, my initial idea was to build a wristband fidget device. Since wristband watches seem to be more of an accessory items, I figured a device on the wrist doesn’t really need to tell time. A wristband watch is kind of a stylish way to stay connected to the past really.

While rethinking the purpose of a wristband device, I thought it might be interesting to have a small printing press that would print out something simple like a small strip of paper with your name and phone number on it. Business cards are also not totally necessary anymore so anyone who has them must be important. With this printing press you will be able to quadrupally impress someone by having your own business card, wristband watch type device, your own printing press and the simple fact that you can demonstrate you know how to be stylish and practical.

The simple device would be fed a piece of paper where it would then be trimmed and printed on with a few turns of a wheel.

Printing presses are quite impressive.

It will be a lot of work but with this idea, I’m going to try to make some prototypes and perhaps get a kickstarter going for it in order make this idea more of a reality.

Fast and the Furriest

Any one who has seen the any one of the 5 Fast and Furious movies will most likely want to rush out and modify their car have glowing running lights underneath.

This StreetGlow Fast and Furious Under Car Neon Light Kit is pretty slick and that’s great for car owners… but what about pet owners?

What about pet owners who want their pets to be more like the cars from the fast and the furious movies?

With your pets underside lit up, your pet will not only be super stylish but also super safe too.

Here is a basic sketch of what your dog might look like sporting this awesome look.

Here is a video of Bubs with a purple running light underneath. Notice how much more confident he is with the light attached. He’s looking faster and Furriester with just this simple mod.

Awesome LED technology will allow us to easily improve upon our furry friends.

Check out this concept for a tail tip light for cats.

Just imagine how useful a cat with a small powerful light attached to the tip of its tail could be.

It’s an exciting time to see technology and animals merging. This is certainly a fast growing market and industry where we are bound to see unimaginable innovation.

Ping Pong Ball Shirt.

My brother has been playing in a ping pong league. The other day he mentioned that all the different teams have different shirt colors. His teams colors are brown. It made the think that the team with the most messed up colors or crazy patterns might have a slight advantage over the opponents.
That’s when I thought that a shirt covered in a variety of different shaped white circles would not only be stylish but might also be rather useful against tough competition. Certain times opponents might be confused and lose focus on the white ball as it gets lost against the backdrop of your awesome shirt. I realized that this same concept might be applied to a variety of other sports.
Imagine watching Serena Williams playing a match in a beautiful outfit covered with wonderful green tennis ball pattern. Perhaps she might want to sport a hat with a number of tennis balls dangling off of it at different lengths.

I’m guessing that just a high contrasty shirt might do the trick of confusing your opponent too. Much like this optical illusion below.

Good luck trying to score while staring at that image.

Of course access to a fancy clothing design might not always be an option. In sports like basketball, baseball or golf, a constant high pitch screaming at your opposing team might work equally as well, if not better.