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Alec Longstreth Conversation

On Saturday I had the good fortune to talk with Alec Longstreth at Stumptown Comics Fest.


For years I’ve seen Alec tabling at various comic and zine shows. He produces a lot of amazing work and over the years has become one of my favorite comic artists, Phase 7 is a well written comic with beautiful art.

A recent project of Alec’s is called Drop Target a comic zine about pinball that he works on with Jon Chad. While the second issue just came out, the first issue features some very real and very sexy characters and I highly recommend you get your hands on it if you are into pinball or comics or other stuff too, it’s a good read.

Here’s a quick shot of one some random panels out of the first Drop Target…

I’ve only flipped through the second issue briefly but, I’m super excited about it…. Jon’s Avatar: the Last Airbender dream table is super amazing and an awesome combo of one of my favorite animated shows paired with one of my favorite games.

Please watch the exciting video as I could spend all night praising Alec and linking to various projects but, I think I’m going to read some of my new treasures from the comics fest and try to get some rest for the Pinbrawl. zzzz

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