Animal Calls!

Animal Calls

Pet owners are going to love the newest service from the MoHDI shop! Animal Calls is a service where we call your pet and praise or punish your pet over the phone.

Since animals love getting praise it might be important to have praise come from a variety of sources, for only a dollar we offer this service for your pet. Imagine the how important and excited your pet will feel not only getting a phone call but, getting a phone call from someone who is telling them how good they are. We also offer punishment over the phone too for pet owners who want their pets to know how bad they have been.

for praise or punishment
For Praise or Punishment

Dogs, cats and all other pets are going to love this service and you will too. If you love your pet, this is the service for you.

Simply place an order on our site and we will call your pet sometime. Then hold the phone up to your pets ear hole and will shower your pet with wonderful praise… or punishment if that’s what you would like.

If you would like a celebrity impersonator to call your pet you are going to have to use the celebrity call service.

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