Art Spark!

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Last evening I attended Art Spark a social gathering of Portland artists and groups that happens every 3rd Thursday at some place in Portland.

Last night the event was at the beautiful Art Bar next to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

This is one of my first attempts at editing a video since adopting the pole camera. It was way easier to do than I thought it would be and I’m proud to say that I used like 95% of my footage. Most documentaries only use like 10% of their footage and they’ve been doing it way longer than me. I guess I’m just way more efficient when it comes to shooting.

Check out some of the people and sights from last nights event.

The Regional Arts and Culture Council

The Creative Advocacy Network

Portland Stock
An awesome idea where people go to dinner, see a presentation from artists, then vote to decide what one gets funding. The money from the dinner goes directly to the artist/artists picked.

Research Club
An informal brunch where people get together and share ideas… Awesome! The next one is at the mall on Sunday!

Gabriel Liston
Is an artist friend who you see talking with Tonisha and I in the video. Check out his work!

Charles Deemer
Towards the end of my video above, we learn about Charles Deemer, who has an impressive collection of videos.

There are a number other groups and people I didn’t link to but talked with last night. I will try to get a complete list together and posted soon. Feel free to send me related links or post them in the comments.

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