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Comment Box
If you want to make a comment at an establishment you go into there is probably no better way than filling out a comment and putting it in a comment box. If that business does not have a comment box, why not bring one of your own. The Comment Box, is a box you can set up anyplace you want to make a comment about something.

Recently I was telling a friend about an experience I had at the Bagdad theater in Portland.

Basically I went to see a movie with a friend, the movie was supposed to start at 7:30 PM. Since it was a Friday, I was sure to show up and be in line a good 10 minutes before the movie would start. By the time we entered the theater the movie had actually started. This pretty much upset me, I missed about 5 minutes of the movie as they actually started the movie right at 7:30 despite a good 10 minutes of people in line. So I was basically complaining about how they probably shouldn’t start the movie until at least the people who showed up and had been waiting in line before 7:30 had a chance to get into the theater.

So I was telling my friend Scarlett about this and telling how I should write a letter or something. She told me one of her brilliant ideas she came up with while having a bad eating experience where the place she was eating at had replaced metal forks with plastic ones.

Since the place she was eating at didn’t have a comment box, her idea was to make a comment box then bring it in, fill out a comment and leave the comment and comment box. Brilliant I think.

So you can easily get your message heard as well open up a forum of communication with customers and business. By delivering a comment box into an establishment, you are providing a wonderful service to everyone involved.


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