Conversation Kit

Who-Talks Coins for Conversation Kit
Here’s a cheap idea, even a DIYI (do-it-yourself idea). Lots of couples have trouble talking because (a) at least one person doesn’t listen well, and interrupts too much, or (b) at least one person talks too much or too little. So make a large two-sided coin that can be flipped or passed back and forth. One side says “My Turn,” the other “Your Turn.” (Or “His Turn” and “Her Turn.”) Whoever flips gets to keep talking for two minutes if “My Turn” comes up. Other person talks (even has to) if “Your Turn” does. The person without the coin has to listen. (OK, maybe there’s a Rant card with a Stop sign on it, that you can play if somebody just won’t stop.) You either automatically take turns, or let the talker flip again for a chance to keep talking. (You could even play “Conversation Catch,” tossing the coin in the air and whoever gets it, gets to talk next.) Depending on the talkers, the silliness of the coin might deflate arguments or get people laughing. (Should have funny cartoons on it for that reason.) Comes with a nano pamphlet of Talking Fairly Tips. Uh-oh, my time’s up. “Your Turn.”  

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