Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School

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Dr.Sketchys drawing 2
One of my many drawings from the evening

For a while I had thought about taking some life drawing classes, even at the last CFF meeting the conversation came up about getting motivated to do some life drawings. It was always one of those things that I would eventually get around to.
Last night Jason (who happens to be an amazing artist/illustrator) had told me about the event and suggested I check it out. The idea of a burlesque style life drawing session sounds amazing although at the time, I wasn’t really feeling like doing anything, I guess that’s the sign when you actually need to go do something. After checking out the Portland Portland MySpace Page for Dr. Sketchy’s I was sold.

In Portland Dr. Sketchy’s is every Wednesday at Dante’s from 7-9 and cost $6.
There are over 40 Dr. Sketchy’s events around the World that operate similar to the one in Portland, so try to find one near you.

There was only a small crowd there and last night there where 2 female models. I guess most of the time they have a male and a female. Probably 15 artists showed up all with different skill levels. Glancing at some of the peoples work, I was amazed at how they could make something so good so quickly. It was my first time and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. For some reason one of the models kept making direct eye contact with me ( I suppose everyone felt that way) I had to fight the laughter a little bit as a half naked model was almost trying to make my laugh by locking eyes. I was slightly intimidated too cause I didn’t really want her to see my drawing of her as I struggled along. Next time I go (most likely next week) I kind of know what to expect so, I don’t think I’ll be as nervous and shy about my art.

As far as my art skills go, I have a lot to learn and Dr. Sketchy’s was just what I needed.

Dr. Sketchy’s
Another of my drawings, most of my drawings looked like they had been done by a 12 year old boy after 5 cups of coffee.

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