Drew and Internet

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Internet: Where you been Drew, I miss you?
Drew: Oh internet, I’ve just been trying to survive, it’s been a bit rough.
Internet: Don’t you want to hang out any more?
Drew: I just saw you earlier today.
Internet: It’s not the same like it used to be….
Drew: We’ll I’ve been kind of busy, you know… working on my sketchbooks and art and stuff.
Internet: Books. Books. Art? I know all about that stuff.
Drew: It’s just not the same I guess. I have been going flickr crazy isn’t that ok?.
Why don’t we hang out more after I hang this art show on Saturday.
Internet: Maybe you shouldn’t work on your books so much.
Drew: Uh… I bet you could write a pretty good book.
Internet: That’s a pretty good idea. You know has been lacking in good ideas lately.
Drew: That will change soon.
Internet: Oh really?
Drew: I’ve been working on a lot of amazing things, you know inventions and things…
Internet: Why not do some more patent searches on google? Come on…
Drew: I got a little suspicious about that last time, I think my patent searches raised some flags.
Internet: 🙂
Drew: Oh internet you are pretty cool, I think it would be great if anyone could chat with you like I’m chatting with you right now.
Internet: Now that’s a great idea!
Drew: I think so too.
Internet: You should build the chat client and post it on MoHDI.
Drew: That would take so much work to build, you must be internuts!
Internet: Ha hah ha haa haa!
Drew: Haah ha haa hah!
Internet: Ha hah ha haa haa!
Drew: Haah ha haa hah!
Internet:Despite my vast knowledge of jokes, you are hilarious Drew.
Drew: Yeah. I know.

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