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Free Advice!:I’ll give you free advice and if you like the advice, leave a tip. It’s a pretty simple idea. Check out the sidebar on this site.

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Everyone needs advice. I rarely meet people who don’t need some sort of advice from time to time. After a nice chat with my friend Dan who has been giving me fantastic advice for a while now, this idea had it’s start and I had not even realized it yet. He has advised me on numerous occasions to make my time and income separate things. Basically my income should not be reliant on my time. While I’m sleeping I should be able to generate some money. Believe me this is something that I’ve been working on for some time. With advertising, affiliates, virtual products, licensing and more I’m slowly building streams of income that will work for me while I’m sleeping.
Anyhow, Dan suggested to make a little extra money I sign up to be a guide on ChaCha a company that gives answers to things over sms. It’s a pretty interesting model however guides seem to make only $.20/answer. It’s not too bad however, I think my time is worth more than that. I did sign up became a guide, and I even answered some questions too. I found it rather fun to see what people wanted answers to. It got old quick and I wasn’t liking what people would search for.
It hit me then, there should be a service like this that gives advice to people. Then I thought, dang, I could give advice to people. That’s how I got the idea for Free Advice!
The idea is pretty simple, if someone is looking for free advice, they go to my site and see if I’m available (or others) and then they start the chat. If the person getting advice wants to leave a tip for the advice, they are welcome to do so if they please.
By offering this service and giving it a little bit of marketing, I’m thinking that just through donations and my downtime on the computer, I’ll be able to generate a decent stream of income just from sharing some personal experiences and advice on some topics and things.
Initially I plan to roll out this idea slowly and see if there is any market value to it. I will probably invite some friends to assist with giving advice and hopefully the network of advisers will grow and people will come to MoHDI for advice.
The beauty of this idea is that to implement it I really just need google chat, a blog and a paypal account. These are all free things to acquire online and pretty much anyone could implement this idea if they want to.

What advice can I offer?
This is a good question, I’m certainly not going to give decent advice on everything however, I can cover quite a number of subjects. Since there is no charge for the service and it’s based on donations, I’m going to feel pretty confident that if I can’t give great advice on something, I can at least try. I think I’m going to let this idea shape itself into what it will be and make no major decisions as to what topics or areas of advice I will cover. I’m imagining everything from business, relationships, money, time, creative development, the internet and life will be most of the areas of where the advice will roll towards. I kind of feel like a creative powerhouse sometimes and I would hope that this creative mind can help in numerous areas.

So to use this service it’s really simple. Either click the link above or on the side bar if I’m available and if you like the advice leave a donation if you can.
Fun and easy.

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