Freelancer Collection Mob

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collection_mobLet’s face it. It’s tough being a freelancer. Often times large companies like NBC won’t pay freelancers for sometimes 90 days or more after being invoiced. I know one instance where it’s been over 10 months and NBC has yet to pay. That’s not a good way to do business.
I’ve had this idea for a while that will help freelancers collect on overdue invoices. Basically, I’m thinking that about once a month, freelancers gather as a mob, they go directly to the companies that owe them money and demand to be paid.
Mobs of people can be quite persuasive.
I think it would be important to offer companies a chance to pay up before being mobbed. Perhaps you might call or write them indicating that on a certain day unless payment is made a mob of freelancers are going to be knocking on their door. If a company that still owes money refuses to write a check or make payment then there will be a public listing of these deadbeat companies.
I’ve got some more ideas about this involving baseball bats and pitchforks but, I think I’ll just let you work out more of the details of this idea as the basic concept is in place. steps

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