Great Holiday Ideas!

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Great news, I have all year to make these ideas happen.

In 2006 I had a great idea for a puzzle game called “SknowMen” that would have been great to send out for the holiday. I probably drew over 100 sknowmen for the project and had prepared how the game would look and work. I think about the time I was to program the game, I had a computer die and lost a ton of work. I remember thinking back then how I should probably finish the game and in MoHDI style release it sometime during the Summer.
The game concept is pretty simple, pick the right sknowmen out of the group, it’s a bit more complicated although basically it’s like a beefed up version of concentration.
So perhaps sknowmen will eventually get built. I promise you it will be a fun one when done.

This year the idea I had another Idea I passed on.

I caught Santa
This idea is basically a simple online tool that allows you to upload a picture of your house and then choose from a variety of images of Santa to composite into your photo. The idea is that you make a nice composite then print out the picture and have it for the kids in the morning. The cool thing is that you could have a picture of Santa eating your cookies or maybe climbing through your chimney or doing what ever you might want in your house.
I would imagine a company like OREOS would really be in to buying something like this then they could only have Santas eating OREOS in the compositing application. If I ever get around to talking to the OREOS people about doing a promotion with that show Heroes then maybe I’ll suggest this idea too. If you think about it, Hereos eat OREOS, simple, it’s abstract but not too abstract to completely miss the connection. Too bad OREOS is owned by a Tobacco company and that NBC (owned by GE) probably isn’t the greatest company in the world either.

Perhaps one day I’ll actually implement one of these wonderful Holiday promotions.

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