Group Therapy.

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Group Therapy is an idea to help people get feedback on what they are doing.
Here’s how it works.

People will gather.
The current person sharing will then get 3 minutes to share with others what they might need feedback on, then the others in the group will each have 30 seconds to provide feedback if they choose.

That’s pretty much how it works. The meetings will be open to anyone who cares to join and as a whole the group can make decisions about the format of the meeting.

I see this being a forum where people can get feedback on anything they might want. It could be business, art, social or life in general. Ideally the more diverse the group is the more useful the feedback will be.

This idea is designed to define itself with time.

The informal inaugural meeting will be 12:01 PM, Tuesday, January 19th at the Ace Hotel in NYC.
Please join us if you would like to get or give feedback on any number of topics.

There will be a Portland, Oregon meeting in the next week or so.

This is not a forum to solicit your wares. Also despite the name, this is not the place to work out your mental issues, matter of fact is that some feedback might be rather critical and you should be prepared for a little criticism. Also since this is a public forum you should probably not share any deep secrets.

Uh.. I guess that’s it for now.. Like I said, this project is self defining. I hope that you will be a part of it’s development.

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