Help the Homeless Idea

Page 68 out of my idea and invention book when I was a kid has a wonderful idea about helping the homeless. The concept was to give homeless people addresses so they could receive mail. Volunteers would donate their addresses for a homeless person so they could come by and collect mail. According to my old idea book, this would allow homeless people to “get jobs or get mail” apparently you need an address in order to have a job.

Free Mail for homeless

As you see in the before and after pics, having a place to collect mail will make you happy and shaved. My spelling has improved since then, my handwriting unfortunately, has not.

I remember at some point for a class project we had to write the governor or representative or someone and remember sending my idea about giving free mail to the homeless. I did get a response, it said something about a concern for the homeless in Oregon. I guess my idea wasn’t implemented.

A couple months back, I thought that it would be a great idea to utilize telephone poles to have public lockers in them. A telephone pole could easily have some sort of vending machine or some kind of locker in it, perhaps even mailboxes for the homeless.

Ideas for positive social change should be more of a priority for people.
That reminds me I’ve got to read those Victor Papanek books, they should be required reading for all designers and people.

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