How would you spend $200?

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Recently I participated in a survey. After completing the survey I was gifted with $200 in gift certificates at

I’m in a debate on what to spend this extra gift on. I hope to get some advice from friends, family and random people on this one. In addition to asking for advice, I would love to hear what you would spend $200 on at

I have three sorts of thinking on this one… Spend it on something practical or on something impractical or spend it on someone else.

Here’s my practical list….

  • A Matte Cutter ( I need one)
  • A miter or table saw
  • More tools (stuff to build my inventions with)
  • New Digital camera (I have to hit my camera to make it work ugh)
  • New Shoes (other than my sandals, my shoes are in very poor condition)
  • A bike trailer for Lillian ( I really want one of these but, I hope to buy locally or try to find a hand me down one)

And my impractical list…

  • a PSP ( oh this would be fun to have)
  • Ipod (I would sure like one… (Fyou gawker media, you are still on my shit list!))
  • Amazon sells materials like titanium, cool
  • Robot Parts
  • a gps would be fun to have
  • Toys and games

Keep in mind this is just a short set of lists to give you an idea of what I’m thinking. I’m very open to suggestions.

Here’s what I would like to know from you…
1. How would you spend $200 at in a practical way?
2. How would you spend $200 at in an impractical way?

3. What do you suggest I spend the $200 on in a practical way?
4. What do you suggest I spend the $200 on in an impractical way?

Please post your suggestions in the comment field of this posting. This is a great way for me to get to know you a bit better.

People who post the best responses will get some sort of surprise.

Thanks for the help.

Below is a search bar from my amazon affiliates account. If you are going to buy something from there, feel free to use this search box. Awesome!

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