I made so much money!

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Today I made so much money.
Money Money
After Ven gave me a page of some Aquabee Super Vel 565, I was very ecstatic about how fun it was to draw on it. Then last night I was thinking about some marketing for MoHDI and remembered that I’ve wanted to do the money thing for some time. Making money is a lot of fun. I might even offer to make money for people in the shop one of these days. I was very pleased with how the money turned out.
As far as a marketing idea goes, I feel creating something that looks like actual money is a pretty good idea. There is a great psychological aspect to things that look like money. It not only draws peoples attention but, it draws certain subconscious emotions out. It is a very good ploy to market certain things.
In a dark place, my bills really resemble a one dollar bill. Fun.
I lost some detail in the photocopy work but, that was expected. Maybe next run, I’ll have them printed.
Making money is so easy and fun. Everyone should do it.
Enough chit chat. Check out the large versions below.

Money Large

Money Large Back
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If you really want your own currency made, email me and we can talk.

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