I see a sign.

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Take your valuables with you

All of the new parking meters in Portland have this sticker on them. I think MoHDI could provide a great service by reminding people not to forget valuables other than cameras and backpacks. I’m confused on that too… Is it a camera? or is it “Park”? is it a backpack or is it “Smart”?
Since you always hear about people leaving their kids in the car, I think that a simple addition of an illustrated baby in a car seat would be an excellent way to improve these parking meter stickers. Perhaps a chest filled with gold coins? A laptop looking at would not only serve as a great reminder for people but would also give us some positive exposure that we could really use. I suppose we could create a variety of stickers that would help our community out. Considering the variety of people that pay to park, we could really try to reach out to every type of person out there by adding a variety of images to this sign.

I was looking at this sign in the Pearl yesterday.

Pet Waste

$25-$200 fine?… What?

Depending on the size of dog.
(I guess the forgot that line)

I was going to save this post until after I had helped they city by improving some of the parking meter signs. Then I saw that Jeff the Great posted some funny stuff about signs the other day and thought this would compliment it well.
Also, if I write about it, perhaps it will actually motivate me to go out there and get help the city out sooner than later.

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