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Jim Hill Conversations

I’ve run into Jim Hill on various occasions around town. I was pretty excited when I saw his project on kickstarter and thought he would be a great person to talk with.
The Dead Don’t Die is a zombie western graphic novel that Jim is working on as part of his thesis at PNCA.

I spoke with Jim on the edge of the Pearl a section of town in NW Portland.

Now the following videos are the conversations I had with Jim, the first introduction is kind of an interesting first attempt, the idea was that we would walk and simply make our way through a small crack in a locked fence as if it was no big deal.
Things didn’t quite work out that way and had zombies been chasing Jim and I… Well let’s just say, he probably wouldn’t have survived an attack.

Later we shared a laugh while watching the video, Jim is a super good sport about it. Check out the failed intro along with our conversations about his project, the Pearl, art, design, dog poop fines and more…

I encourage you to help fund his project, he’s offering some super sweet incentives for people that pledge and I know he could certainly use way more financial support than he’s asking for.

And here’s a map of our walk.

View Jim Hill Conversations Map in a larger map

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