Boring Conversations with Interesting People

Khris Soden Interview

Khris Soden is a Portland historian, artist and pedestrian. He has contributed a lot of work to MoHDI in the past and a long time friend. I was fortunate to get a couple short conversations with him after running into him downtown.

One of the most notable illustrations he did for MoHDI was for the Securi-Pee. Other personal favorites of mine are the Self-Drunk Test Flashcards and the Safe Night-Time Travel for Women.

Check out some more of his work at

And for the first time I give you a map showing our walk.

View Khris Soden Interview in a larger map

According to our paths we walked a total of 3478 feet, 1 mile = 5280 feet so we walked .658 of a mile.

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