Metered Bike Parking!

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pay to park your bikeI was riding my bike around a couple of days ago, thinking how awesome it is that I don’t have to be driving my car. Then I got the idea for metered bike parking. Bicyclists pay to park their bikes much like people pay to park their cars. To implement this idea, a lot of work would have to go into it. I was thinking it would be too difficult to ticket bikes as they are unlicensed and it would be tough to enforce, I guess you could give people tickets in person.
With the rise in the price of gas, large cities are probably losing hundreds of dollars each day as people leave their cars at home. More and more people seem to be biking and using mass transit and there must be some way to cash in on this “green trend”. Portland just raised the prices for public transportation yet they have not yet figured out how to cash in on pedestrians and bicyclists.

Perhaps we should also start thinking about pedestrian tolls for easy “short cuts” throughout the city.

My plan was basically to remove any lockable item from a certain area of where you would like to charge for bike parking. For things like signs we could put “No Bike Parking” stickers on them. We could also encase narrow poles with large concrete blocks, making it difficult to lock anything to. Perhaps you could make nice flower pots out of these blocks so any poled sign would have some flowers around them.
So when you limit the number of places to lock bikes to, more people will use the pay to park structures that would be placed in the pay to lock your bike up area. These structures would allow access to the locking pole only after you pay. If you happen to run out of time, they would simply unlock your bike or your bike would be impounded and sold at auction. Simple and easy.

Pay to Park

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