Portland Bound…

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Last June, I moved from Portland to Brooklyn with my girlfriend. Despite the relationship not working out, I’m still in Brooklyn. In a few hours, I’ll be on a flight back to Oregon for the first time since I left.
My 6:00AM flight leaves me no time to sleep. I’ve already had a couple of sleepless nights this week and I should probably head to the airport around 4:00AM anyhow. So, I’ve been eager to write. Brooklyn has not been good on my blog and while ideas have not stopped flowing, time to write about them has.
I miss Portland a lot, as it offers me things that NY never can. It’s an odd feeling to be in a place so long and still feel like something very important is missing. I’m going to stick around until I figure it out I think. I see the potential in this place and I’m trying to figure out my part here. I feel like it can happen.

Anyhow. I’ve been slacking on the blog and a lot of you have been hounding me about it. Twitter, seems to fit with the ADD world of internet users and blogs have taken their hit. I plan on starting a personal blog soon as I generally try to steer clear of getting too personal on MoHDI and it’s time to have a depository for that personal (yet public) stuff going on in my life.

So.. Portland.
CFF is going to be battling it out with other Portland Pinball gangs. Come down to Ground Kontrol on Sunday and partake in the Pinbrawl. It’s going to be a blast to check out. I’ll be out Saturday night trying to get fresh with the tables.

It’s late, I’ve had so little sleep this week it’s crazy and I feel like I can’t write worth a pile of beans. I’m excited for my trip but despising the traveling. I’ve got some awesome things cooking and someday I’ll be able to put the time back into MoHDI.

In the mean time, you can find me on twitter and flickr to see what I’m up to.

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