Quick Portfolio Update

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I recently made some updates to my portfolio. Since I want to try to start getting more illustration and creative work, I wanted to showcase over 1000 things about myself and combine not only the commercial work I’ve done but I also wanted to showcase some of my potential in areas that I feel I might thrive in more. I figure with over a thousand things up on the portfolio site, people considering hiring me might then judge me more based on my potential and the things I’m going to do, not the things that I’ve already done.

You might notice some of the projects on here are over 7 years old. That is like a thousand years in internet age. I suppose I was running short on filling up this screen with past work. There are a number of projects I worked on that I can’t talk about and or I have no screen shots of.

I’ll be making updates to this for a while until I reach my thousand+things goal is reached.

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