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My wonderful Mother recently got her site up for her pottery studio. Red Bird Pottery, was initially going to be called “Dirty Bird Pottery” but, according to my Mom, the term “Dirty Bird” when typed into a search engine had the tendency to pull up some inappropriate pages.

Mom has a variety of well priced bowls, plates, tiles, dishes and more on her site. I’m doubt I’m the only one that thinks she ought to raise her prices some. I think she’s starting to get that idea too as I notice her newer work has gone up slightly from before.

My Bowl is awesome, it’s the main dish I use. I like how my Mom illustrated my body odor in the shape of hearts in this bowl.

My Bowl
btw, the mustache is back for a bit

Lillian got a bowl that she loves too. It’s got bunnies on it. If your 3 year old is a picky eater, get them a bowl to call their own, there is something magical about the food in your own bowl, it always tastes good.

Anyhow. This is a little promotion for my Mom if you have not noticed. Please check out her site and consider making a purchase or two.

Alexia the sweetheart

I can’t believe that Alexia the sweetheart has not sold yet….

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