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I think this is the first time I actually used content aware scaling.

A couple days ago the thought came that when I send out shortened urls I want it to be from a MoHDI branded url.
After a quick search I found that there are plenty of free scripts out there that allow you to run your own shortening url service.
I set up a sub domain at and installed yourls on the site. So now I have the ability to take long links like this…
into short and more tweetable links like this…


I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier and I recommend anyone running their own site to do the same for several reasons.

People will now associate to and for me this branding and name recognition is important for some made up marketing reason.
Tracking of links is going to be crucial too as data is very important. I’ll be able to see how many people actually click through my links and I’m with yourls I’m also able to track traffic locations and traffic sources.
If you don’t want to use yourls, I found this blog posting that has a number of other resources available to you for open source url shortening.

I might even open up a public url shortening service to get my brand out there more. For now though I’m happy with my personal shortening site.

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