Slide Whistle Concert

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For those unable to make it to last nights performance at the MoHDI gallery or if you did make it and want to relive the experience. I am glad to announce that we have uploaded a video of the complete concert.

I believe we broke a world record for the most slide whistles playing at the same time. This morning I even submitted the record to the URDB ( Universal Record Database) to confirm this record breaking performance.
I was a bit worried earlier in the evening as I was having a difficult time recruiting talented musicians capable of making it to the gallery in time for the show. Luckily everything came together at the last minute for perhaps the most unique and exciting concert the MoHDI space has ever seen.

A big thanks goes out to all the talented musicians who made it out to preform at the last minute, the amazing audience that showed up, Elizabeth ( our camera person ) and Cargo for having such an amazing store that sells everything from bird whistles to slide whistles…

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