Social Place Cards

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Social Place Card

While thinking about some ways to get the word out about some of my current projects this wonderful idea hit me. Social place cards are basically a way to let others know what you are currently thinking about and can be used as an open invite for conversation.
To use these cards, you can simply place a card on your table that broadcasts to people what you are interested in talking about. In no time I would imagine you will find someone who will be willing to talk to you.
Each place card would have a different subject on it or remain blank for people to write what they feel like.

Since I just happen to have some extra blank place cards lying around I’m going to attempt to do my first social experiment at a The Fresh Pot inside of Powells books on Hawthorne.

With these cards I not only expect to talk to some people while I’m having coffee today but, I will also expect some more traffic to MoHDI as I plan on stamping the insides of the cards with my website.

It’s time to test the idea out and get some coffee. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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