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Check out Starbucks new idea site.

In the past year and a half I’ve had about 5 ideas specifically related to Starbucks. I would consider my ideas for Starbucks much more than Hundred Dollar Ideas and feel that they would fall into the category of Million dollar ideas.
Now Starbucks wants people to just give them ideas. It’s a cheap way to get some of those million dollar ideas from people like me. So you are supposed to go to.. http://mystarbucksidea and give them your ideas. The idea of having a collection of ideas for a site is actually a great idea in itself and allows customers to have some say although the process of actually picking what ideas to implement might be pretty difficult.

Why Starbucks Idea Site is a good idea…

  • It makes people feel connected
  • It’s a great way to get great ideas
  • It creates a sense of community
  • It’s a good guide for company direction

Why Starbucks Idea Site is a not so good idea…

  • It’s easy for competitors to implement good ideas from site
  • Starbucks will get tons of really bad ideas to filter through
  • The site creates more management and work for people.
  • Coffee shops should have community in reality not on the web
  • Too many public negative comments or ideas

Over all they probably should have gone internally with this idea site, allowing employees to make suggestions. They should be rewarding people who give them ideas that will in turn make them millions of dollars. Suggestions like “Lower your Prices” are great however, I see that and I’m reminded of one of the many reasons why I avoid Starbucks when I can.

As far as a business goes, I have nothing against Starbucks, however when it comes to gettingStumptown coffee from a local coffee shop vs. Starbucks massive regime, I’ll go local all the time.

If Starbucks is looking for great ideas to improve their company, they should go to the professional idea people like me.

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