The Flavor Spoon

Flavor Spoon
It always troubles me to see people frustrated with utensils. Probably one of the most problematic eating utensil is the spoon. It’s a device that has probably been around for a hundred years and yet, the design has changed only slightly.
How many times are you eating something with a spoon and thought to yourself this food needs a little hot sauce or some sugar or maybe some salt. Well with the Flavor Spoon, you can add flavor to every bite.
I decided it would be important to have some sort of a hat to wear so that you could hold a variety of flavors and not run out during a meal. Each tube would carry the flavor to the surface of the spoon to be mixed with your food. By simply pushing a button you can choose from a variety of wonderful flavors. As you can see, I also thought about a fork version too, the cool thing about the fork is that each prong could shoot out a different flavor.
With utensils like these, you could make cardboard taste good.

Earlier tonight, I was thinking about the process for coming up with hundred dollar ideas. It’s a pretty simple process, basically take pretty much anything that is tangible then come up with an idea or several. I’ve found from experience that some of my best ideas come from developing very simple ideas and in order to solve a problem in the simple idea, I figure out how else that could be applied into something else then move forward with that. It might be easier to give an example…
…I’ll have to write one later.

For now here is a basic chart
Simple Idea > Simpler Idea to help build simple Idea > Simpler Idea applied to much larger Idea

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