The Posture Hat

Posture Hat
Slouching is a major problem now-a-days. More and more people have poor posture. I try to hold the sky up with my head but, if I’m not thinking about it I often end up slouching. I’m 6’4″ and it’s easy to forget what I learned in posture school. Recently I ran into my friend Kim who pointed out how poor my posture actually was. I should point out that she has very good posture. I also realized that successful people generally have good posture, this formula will also work in reverse so… Successful People = Good Posture so Good Posture = Successful Person. This simple math problem shows up that if you want to be a success, good posture is the way to go about it.
The secret to good posture is this hat. Now I’m no haberdasher but, I certainly think this hat could be stylish and practical. Since my formula proves that Good Posture = Success then, if this product ever gets made it’s certainly worth a fortune. The high tech design of this stylish hat promotes good posture for those wearing it. By simply balancing a small ball on top of the concave hat you are encouraged to stand up strait. I do hope we can build some prototypes for these hats soon. Any large office should encourage workers to wear such ergonomic hats. Even if we don’t make a fortune on these hats think of all the good we can do for all those with poor posture out there.

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