Tissue Slinger

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Tissue Slinger

When I met with bearded Dave for coffee Monday morning we discussed many important items of business. I give him credit for this idea. Initially he was thinking that this could be some sort of pocket sewn into your long sleeve shirt or hoodie.
Later on at another important business meeting, the tissue dispenser topic resurfaced with Wendy. She insisted that it could be something that you could wear on your wrist and simply cover with your sleeve.
In both conversations the whole SPIDER-MAN name came up. I’m sure the kids would love a version with their favorite web slinger. Perhaps we could even print spider webs on the tissues. The device could also easily dispense Tissue Pals or Snot Frames.

This product might be good not only for wiping noses but for cleaning toilets or dusting your house. I was thinking a variation on this product might allow you to easily wipe your face on your sleeve then simply dispose of the dirty tissue or napkin when finished.

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